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Sassybax Shapewear

From model, actress and psychologist Amanda Kennedy comes the Sassybax Shapewear line. With a masters in Clinical Psychology, working to specifically help women with 'self esteem' issues and more than 10 years of modeling and acting experience, who better to know what women need. In 2004, Amanda created Sassybax for "women like me who need a little help keeping their figure looking younger and more fit." 

Our Sassybax Shapewear Collection includes the first staples such as the Sassybax Bralette and Sassybax Underwire Bra to winter season's staple, the Sassybax Leggings. Also in demand this season and on our "Bestseller" list is the Sassybax Armed and Dangerous Tee where 'arm flab' is a thing of the past! Classic Shapewear carries four fabulous styles to shape your torso. The original Sassybax Torso Trim, Sassybax Strapless Torso Trim, Sassybax Underwire Torso Trim and the new Sassybax Peekaboo Torso Trim designed as a layering tank or for those who like their tanks long. The great design of the Sassybax Torso Trim garments is the versatility to wear them alone or under the sheerest of clothing without being noticed. Sassybax Torso Trim smooth your back and midriff giving you a sleek and toned look.

A great addition to your wardrobe for every special occasion or every day accessory is the Sassybax Slimming Slip. Made with a "no slip knit" this is one garment that won't be riding up every time you sit. With bra, tummy and thigh coverage the Sassybax Slimming Slip is made to flatter every woman's natural curves. The Sassybax Collection has not left out all of us requiring a sucking in of our thighs. The Sassybax Bottoms Up Mid-Thigh Shaper not only shapes your lower tummy, hips and thighs but does so without flattening your derriere. In fact Sassybax created an eight different knit-in support system to lift your derriere.

In February 2010, Amanda introduced her new collection called Pretty by Sassybax. Wanting to make a line that was more seductive Amanda set out to find a way “to make shapewear that looked like lingerie but functioned like shapewear”. The new fabric was created by an American fabric mill and has shaping power, a silky touch and is breathable to keep you cool. The garments are lined with an Austrian lace that gives them the romantic, seductive feel Amanda was striving for. The Pretty by Sassybax Collection is another example of the constant innovations taking place in the shapewear industry.