Rubella DeBa Slim Effect Anti-Cellulite Body Lotion

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6.8oz / 200ml
Style #RB-SEBL
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about this product
The active body care formula provides slimming and shaping benefits to help smooth your body silhouette. 
The product fights cellulite effectively, reduces fat tissue dramatically, and improves the shape of your thighs, abdomen and butt.

This is a product line specially-designed to target skin imperfections caused by the ever existing problem of cellulite. 

Active Ingredients: 
  • Caffeine - stimulates decomposition of fat accumulation and eliminates excessive liquids. Has anti-swelling properties, while helping eliminate retained water. 
  • Horse chestnut extract - a compound that protects and strengthens the veins and capillaries, prevents cellular filtration (leaking), promotes better and healthier collagen, fights inflammation. 
  • Ivy extract - has proven anti-cellulite and slimming effect on the problematic body areas. Stimulates the cellular metabolism and has favorable effect on eliminating fats. 
  • Gingko Biloba extract - anti-oxidant, enhances blood circulation, strengthens capillaries and veins, and provides anti-inflammatory effect. 
  • Additional ingredients - Natural Cola extract, Guarana extract, Kava Kava extract, Wheatgerm oil, Pricot kernel oil, Pueraria Mirifica extract, Menthol.

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