Lytess Lift-Up Bra

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about this product

The Lytess Lift-Up Bra, is specially designed for women who wish to take advantage of the comfort provided by a technical and corrective boneless underwear. This Lift-Up Bra molds and visibly supports breasts, thanks to its "lift-Up effect" knit! Developed by a team of sports doctors, Lift-Up Bra features 4 different corrective and stretchy knit zones, to provide back and breast support.

The Lift-Up Bra includes millions of microcapsules filled with firming ingredients from Amazonia, to not only tone and tighten your skin but also fight the ageing and sagging of your breast.

Fabric Features:

  • Effective and comfortable correction.
  • Flexible fabric won’t restrain your movement during workout.
  • Optimal breast and back support.
  • 70% Polyamid, 20% Polypropylene, 10% Elasthane

Advantages of polypropylene fibers:

  • Light, won't wear out while in touch on your skin.
  • Prevents moisture from sticking to your skin.
  • Provides cooling sensation.
  • Insulates and controls your body temperature.
  • Provides pleasant softness to the touch on the skin.
  • Prevents development of bacteria and mildew.