Co'Coon Chamela Swimwear Multiuse Sarong

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about this product
  • Multipurpose, easy to carry and to combine. 
  • Lightweight 
  • Shoulder Dress: Roll the sarong around your body and tie its ends over one shoulder. 
  • Dress attached to the neck: Roll the sarong around your back, cross the ends on the chest and tie them to the neck. 
  • Small dress: Roll the sarong around your back, tie the ends to the neck and secure it with a clasp 
  • under the chest. 
  • Short skirt: Fold the sarong horizontally or diagonally, place it on the hip and tie both ends. 
  • Dress without straps: Just roll up the sarong and tie a knot on the chest. 
  • Long skirt: Put the sarong on your hip and tie on its ends. 
Fabric Content: 100% Polyester.