Braza Chantilly Lace Bandeau

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about this product
We have taken the world’s most versatile bandeau bra and created a sexy, comfy and frilly high quality lace bandeau.
  • Can be worn as a bra, with or without straps.
  • Can be worn as a bandeau, with or without straps.
  • Can be worn with any of our fashion straps.
  • Clear straps included.
The Chantilly Lace Bandeau has loops for every conceivable strap. Since our loops are anchored to a stabilizer band, (sewn into the top of the bandeau), the loop won’t pull ‘inside out’ the moment straps are added. Braza’s bandeaus are the only bandeaus with this user friendly feature.

Fabric Content: 
Body: 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex.
Pads: 100% Polyester.