Black Iris White Satin Bridal Over Bust Corset

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Style #A-S44
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about this product
Say 'hello' to this Over Bust Bridal Corset. Black Iris uses a 3-point fitting system that conforms to your waist, bust, and hips to ensure a customized fit right for you and your shape. Made of high-quality satin, this bridal corset top is sure to help you get married in style. 
  • 20 Flexible spiral steel stays & steel busk.
  • 4 Steel bars supporting back grommets.
  • 2 Steel bars adjacent to the front busk.
  • 3 Layers of fabric: 2 inner made of high quality cotton. 
  • Middle layer laminated to outer layer for extra strength.
  • Waist tape.
  • Laced with white ribbon.