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Lytess Shapewear – The innovative world of smart fabrics

Lytess is a world leader in the exploding market of "cosmeto-textiles" which ingeniously blends textiles with cosmetics.  Through micro-encapsulated processes, the scientific weaving techniques and fabric enhancements incorporate therapeautic formulas into Lytess’ extensive line of products.  Although better known as slimwear, some in the fashion industry also refer to Lytess slimming products as "wearable cosmetics".  Lytess likes to call them "smart garments".

And no wonder.  Lytess boasts a brilliant range of products from the slimming and performance products to the young mother and ready-to-wear lines.  Each product is made with the finest fabrics enhanced with fascinating formulas:  slimming shorts with shea butter, capris with caffeine, slimming leggings with sweet almond, slimming jeans with green tea. Ingenious technology and deliciously designed to flatter your figure.

With an unbending commitment to research and development and an active role as a partner in renowned laboratories, Lytess remains on the cutting edge of progressive shapewear designs  and innovations for any home beauty product needs.  Admittedly not the first company to utilize this technology, Lytess confidently proclaims its role as the first brand dedicated solely to the bio-active textile field.

At the heart of the unique technology is an array of active substances that are enveloped in a polymer sphere called a microcapsule.  The allows active agents such as copaiba, clove oil or Japanese pangoda to preserve their properties--even through multiple washings--to release their beneficial effects over an extended time in the Lytess slimming products.  From white leggings to black leggings to other body slimmer product, Lytess can meet any needs.

Lytess Slimming Leggings were featured recently on the Dr. Oz show.  Joined by Marie Czenko Kuechel, the show discussed the how compression legging and caffeine-infused fabric helped to temporarily reduce cellulite and strengthen the skin.  Dr. Oz explained how the caffeine helped enhance fat metabolism.

The cosmeto-textile market has matured from a niche player to a burgeoning industry known for bold thinking and technological breakthroughs.  Lytess is leading the way.