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Elila Bras - A Dream Personified

The apparel market has always embraced and idolized garments for their fashionablilty and aesthetic appearances. For the average consumer it is not necessary for the garment to be engineered to provide support and comfort, thus allowing the designers freedom to alter the parameters by which they evaluate a garment. However the same ideas and concepts can not be applied to the fuller figure woman, who measures the performance of a garment in an entirely different way. It is this fact that Elila has considered in the creation and production of their Intimate Apparel range. Elila provides the lady of fuller figure with intimate apparel that can be valued and enjoyed by a means appropriate to her needs and desires, satisfying the ultimate necessity-support and comfort on an everyday basis.

Combining the highest quality modern materials and maintaining a distinct focus on attention to detail, Elila bras have created harmony between technology, knowledge and experience. Seams are strategically placed for structural benefit and support while materials are synergistically chosen to aide in the engineering functionality of the bra, providing the wearer with optimum levels of comfort and control.

This combination of fashion and functionality is vital to Elila's creators; delicate inspired French lace, embroidery and microfibers have been used throughout the collections to provide a touch of elegance and femininity to the engineered support and design of the garments. The attention to detail throughout all aspects of the development and production result in a collection of everyday fashion items that satisfy everything the day could throw your way!