Why to Buy Shapewear for Wedding?

Brides want to look absolutely perfect on their wedding day. Their dress should flatter their figure, and they should have the proper undergarments to accompany it. The best undergarment to purchase for under a wedding dress is shapewear. Its style, comfort, and ease of use makes it the best option to wear under a wedding gown. There is no doubt that the bride will look her ultimate best and feel good wearing a piece of shapewear on her wedding day.

Many companies have designed shapewear garments specifically for wedding dresses. Regardless of the style of dress, strapless, mermaid, or traditional, there are shapewear pieces that work for all. The list below details as to what shapewear garments are the best based on dress style.

#Dress Style: Traditional

Traditional dresses often fit loosely; therefore, you can opt for a waist cincher to help to tighten the waist and the stomach. If the hips or thighs are your target area, then choose a pair of spanx or shapewear shorts.

#Dress Style: Cocktail Style

Cocktail style often runs mid length, so you have to avoid any pieces of shapewear that extend too low for people to see. Cocktail style dresses work well with a bodysuit underneath, or even a pair of shaping briefs.


#Dress Style: Strapless

Strapless makes it more difficult to choose a piece of shapewear, as you are limited to pieces that can easily be hidden. For a strapless dress, you can go with a strapless body shaper, or even a pair of waist cinchers or shaping briefs.

#Dress Style: Lace/Silk

Lace or silk wedding dresses give you limited options of shapewear pieces as well because they are thinner material. Lace/silk dresses also have the tendency to pick up colors underneath; you want to choose something that is seamless so it is not seen under your dress. Choosing a neutral color rather than white works the best.

Shapewear will no doubt make you look thinner, and ultimately better, on your wedding day. You will feel comfortable and won’t even remember that you have it on. Although diet and exercise is a good way to lose weight, it is often hard with the stress during wedding season. Shapewear can help make you look your best without focusing on your diet.

Many celebrities also make use of shapewear under their dresses right on the red carpet. It makes them feel confident being in front of people and in the spotlight knowing that their body looks fabulous in their beautiful dress. With shapewear, you can achieve that confidence too.


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