What to Wear to a Wedding?

Many of us have faced this difficult dilemma of what to wear to a wedding, especially if the option of a little black dress is off the table. And this, for many, greatly complicates the situation. So, today we will look at a few options for such a bright event.

It will be appropriate to begin the creation of your festive image with underwear, which should include shapewear, because very few people can boast an ideal figure. It will help correct problematic areas and your overall silhouette.

Another important piece of advice is that if this wedding is of particular importance, then find the decorating colors of the interior of the place and choose the complementary (contrasting) color for your outfit.

What to wear to a Summer wedding?

Usually weddings are held in the summer, early autumn and late spring, so in this case it is appropriate to choose outfits from silk, chiffon and lace fabrics. As for the silhouettes, choose the one that suits your figure more favorably. Today’s trend solutions are midi dresses of monochrome, bright, and pastel colors. As for the silhouette, it is certainly better to choose cocktail column dresses or A-line.

What to wear to a Winter wedding?

In winter, as a rule, celebrations are held indoors, so you can always wear the same dress you would wear to a summer wedding, but the only thing you need to think about is a nice coat or perhaps a fur cape. A warm coat is sure to come in handy, even for a short stretch of time spent outside.  The main thing is that it sits well with the style of your dress. As for footwear, you don’t have to wear shoes.  Consider trendy high boots – they will not only keep you warm, but also make you look stylish.

Black dress for a wedding? 

In earlier days, it was considered a bad idea wearing a black dress to a wedding.  Today, it is a remnant of the past. In this age of progress, such prejudices should not exist. Therefore, stylists and experts in the fashion world recommend not to pay attention to medieval traditions. It is important to wear what you like.

The highlight of the black dress at the wedding is, no matter how gorgeous it is, you will not outshine the bride. But rest assured, if you put your image together correctly, you will get all those admiring looks.

So what style should your black dress be? Certainly one that fits your body. Do not even think of revealing outfits from translucent fabrics with deep cuts and mini lengths. Remember, you must impress others not with your feminine delights, but with your sense of style.


How should a black dress for a wedding look:

  • It should have an appropriate cleavage
  • Choose tight (opaque) fabrics
  • The optimal length one palm above your knee (forget about the mini)
  • Column dresses or a cocktail dress with a lush skirt are best suited for such an occasion

What should women over 40 wear to a wedding?

Ladies over 40 should choose elegant, relaxed-fit floor-length dresses. But accessories can be selected for every taste and color. Try to choose trendy pastel colors of the season. You can also afford massive earrings and fashionable bracelets. Do not be afraid to experiment, but also try not to overdo it. Low-heeled shoes are ideal for this occasion.


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