What to Wear On a Cruise

As with any other trip, when going on a sea cruise, do not take too many things with you. But you should clearly understand what kind of things and accessories you will need on the cruise liner. Throwing the first thing you come across into your suitcase is a bad idea. If you are puzzling over the question of what to take with you on the first cruise, we have developed a special guide with a list of what you need to pack.

# First the main thing: Shorts are only allowed if you are at the pool on the deck or go to the fitness center. You can also put them on if you go for a snack at the poolside table. And that’s all.

Swimming suits are suitable only for the pool. Almost all cruise liners have swimming pools, so take your swimsuit with you. Even if it’s cold outside, many pools are equipped with sliding roofs, and you can swim there in winter. Do not take an expensive swimsuit, the water in the pools is chlorinated and after bathing, it can lose its original appearance.

# Do not forget about underwear. Since you are going to change outfits, make sure you have the underwear that matches your clothes in color. Taking shapewear items will be a good idea, they will improve your look on those special evenings you will have on the ship.

# To visit the gym – sports sneakers are mandatory; you will not be allowed to enter without them. They will be also useful for active shore excursions.

Guide to the day wardrobe:

Shorts, slacks, jeans, casual-style shirts and sarafans are good to wear during the day on a cruise ship. On the open decks – bathing suits (by the pool and in the areas for sunbathing), casual shorts, all sorts of combinations of T-shirts and jeans.

On the shore:

Depending on the case, if you go on a kayaking trip or are engaged in snorkeling, try to stick to casual. If you are going to the city, it will be appropriate to use the things indicated in the day wardrobe.


Cruise liners daily name the evening dress code – casual clothing for leisure (resort casual), informal style, official. They come into force in public areas and restaurants from 6 pm. In the daytime it is always a casual style. Usually on a week-long cruise, you will have two official evenings, a couple of options in casual style, and from one to four in semi-formal dress. To find out what the dress code for the day is, read the daily cruise newspaper. For all occasions except official evenings (and also everyday on higher-class vessels), resort casual style is a common dress code. This does not mean that your clothes have to be of pure silk, but it must be elegant. Think about flowing cotton dresses, silk mixes and combinations of trouser suits that you would wear to a concert of a symphony orchestra on land, or a good restaurant.

Sweaters and jackets. Love the multilayer. Even in Hawaii there are rainy days, and for sure you want to have a raincoat or a sweater with you for such occasions. And those who sail to Alaska have to have everything – from a swimsuit and tops with short sleeves to a warm fleece jacket, hat and gloves.

Hats. Put a hat in your suitcase so you do not accidentally get a sunstroke, and if you go to a scenic cruise among ice, you need a warm hat. Do not forget about sunglasses. You can also include headbands, bandanas, scarves, if this is required by the situation or style.

Footwear. Ladies do not need to stuff the entire suitcase with shoes. Select multifunctional models that can serve different purposes (for example, sneakers, which are suitable for the gym, and for sightseeing, sandals, will look good both at the pool and at the evening for wearing casual style clothes). Try to choose your formal outfits so that only need one pair of shoes only.

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