What Sexy Lingerie is Right for You?

There are so many lingerie pieces on the market, but how do you know what one is right for you? Purchasing a bra is quite simple for women, as the purpose is usually to enhance breast shape or size, but it isn’t always that simple with lingerie. Women often go after lingerie pieces that are lacy, pretty, stylish, or sexy. But aside from look, how do you know which piece to buy that will be right for your body? This article acts as a guide to choosing sexy lingerie pieces based on your body type.


Hourglass Figure

This is when your breasts and hips are equal in size and your waist is small. You’ll want to choose lingerie that will accentuate your waist area. Go with a garter belt to flaunt those hips.


Pear Shape

A pair shape figure means that your upper body is smaller and your lower body (thighs and booty) are thicker. To make your body look a bit more proportional, a neckline or graphic print shapewear will do the trick!
(Left to right: Coquette Halter Chemise, Oh La La Cheri Halter Babydoll, Be-Wicked Babydoll)



Having a petite body means that you can choose from pieces that will help to volumize the body, but be sure to not over do it.



Having a bigger bust can actually make it difficult to feel sexy in lingerie. You’ll want to pick lingerie pieces that will help to balance out your large bust and smaller bottom half. Choosing a panty style with a thick waistband or high waist can help to do this.

Long Torso

If you have a long torso, you’ll want to draw attention to the shoulders and legs. Try choosing a lacy crop top lingerie set.

Dancer Body Type

Dancers usually have a long, muscular frame. This type of body style can be matched with various pieces of lingerie. Choose from multiple styles, as any piece is the right one for you!

Your body type will definitely play a large role in what lingerie piece is the right one for you. Each body type has many different options, and therefore you should do your research before you go to the store to pick out the right sexy lingerie piece for you!

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