Does Wearing Shapewear Help Lose Weight?

Losing weight in targeted areas can be quite difficult if eating healthy and exercising is not the thing for you. Shapewear is a garment on the market today that will help you smooth and slim down those problematic areas and look fabulous in any outfit. There are many different styles and kinds of shapewear, perfect to suit anyone’s needs. Shapewear helps to flatten targeted areas, but do the results actually last? This is a question that has been studied and examined for years. Many researchers have found that wearing shapewear can help someone to shed some extra weight.

Shapewear can help to shed some extra weight

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is a type of garment that gives off compression to many areas of the body, helping to create a slimmer looking appearance. This means it can help to compress stomach fat, hip fat, thigh fat, arm fat etc. Shapewear is often worn under outfits and will help to give off a slimmer looking appearance from the outside. There are many styles of shapewear on the shelves today, some that is even quite fashionable. Some include spanx, corsets, compression tanks, slimming capris, tights, compression arms etc. Many famous celebrities own their own set of shapewear and are often seen on the red carpet; The Kardashian sisters wear shapewear under all of their outfits.

Shapewear and Weight Loss

This has been a controversial topic now for many years. Does shapewear actually help you to lose weight? There have been many studies looking into this question and they have found that these garments do in fact help you lose a few pounds and improve weight loss. Because of the tight compression fit, the garments are known to help someone lose weight by massaging an area and causing you to sweat. They believe that this helps to increase circulation and therefore improve weight loss. While these garments might help you shed a few pounds, they will not help you to lose major pounds. Eating healthy and exercising is a much safer and more effective way to lose weight.

Picking Shapewear

Many people believe that the tighter the better when it comes to choosing shapewear, this is not entirely true. For maximum results, shapewear should fit tightly but should not fit too tight where it starts to hurt. There are many breathable materials that help reduce sweating underneath and feel more comfortable. If you start feeling sick, dizzy, itchy, or experience loss of breath, then you should refrain from wearing the shapewear immediately. It probably is too tight. The perfect shapewear should help you get the appearance you are looking for while feeling very comfortable in your everyday tasks.


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