What to Wear for a Long Flight

A Long flight implies a carefully packed travel bag. In addition to hygiene supplies, there must be, at minimum, a set of medicines and a moisturizing cream, but also the most comfortable clothing, which will still feel good after sitting in a chair for ten hours.

When preparing for a trip, it is worth thinking carefully about how to dress. During a long flight, skinny jeans, trousers or shorts, and tight jackets are not the best choice. Prefer soft, loose clothing made from natural fabrics. The traveler’s outfit should be comfortable and practical. In this case, pajamas, which have long stopped being just-for-home clothes, soft slippers, and warm cardigans come to the rescue. It’s also worth remembering a blanket and a mask for sleep: this will help create at least some kind of comfort zone and help you get enough sleep, regardless of the time of day.

Also, before traveling think about the underwear you are going to put on. Your underwear must be comfortable. Wear a bra and panties made of natural fabrics. A small kit that includes reusable underwear, fresh wipe and a panty liner would be ideal for short and long flights (try: Panty Fresh Kit).

Comfortable shoes are especially important in flight. Because of the pressure change, your veins are under severe pressure. Uncomfortable shoes, fettering feet, straps, pulling the shin – all this is extremely harmful. Tired legs will ache and swell. You can help your veins by wearing special anti-varicose compression socks before the flight – they are produced specifically for travelers and sold in stores at the airport.

Pregnant women and people with problematic veins are especially advised to wear these special compression stockings, pantyhose, and socks. But in fact, they are useful not only for those who have health problems, but also for those who plan a long flight or just fly often. Thanks to them, the veins are protected from stretching, twisting and other deformations. Such socks or pantyhose give the walls of the vessels additional support, improving blood circulation in the legs, helping to relieve fatigue and reduce edema. They also reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities (DVT) and other unpleasant diseases of the veins.



When you start a long trip, choose natural, “breathing” fabrics for your clothes. When it is hot they feel cooler, and when it’s cool, warmer. In addition, clothes made from synthetic fabrics will make you sweat more, and you will feel start feeling “dirty” sooner. This is especially noticeable during long flights.

Remember that improperly chosen clothing for the flight threatens blood circulation, which can lead to edema, headaches, and poor health after the flight, and may even lead to longer and more severe acclimatization.

Try to avoid dehydration. Drink more water during and after the flight; give up coffee and alcohol. During the flight, massage your legs from time to time and regularly move the shins and feet.

Wipe your face with moistening napkins or splash it with water from a canister, and apply a moisturizer. These simple actions will help to protect the skin from dehydration. We wish you a pleasant journey!


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