What to Wear on a First Date?

You’ve been waiting for this call, and you’re obviously very excited about tonight. After unrestrained joy from the fact that you are having a date with someone you like, typically women start panicking. “Oh, God! I have nothing to wear!” –  First of all, calm down. Every woman faces the issue of what to wear on a first date. After all, we all strive to create the best impression about ourselves, turning this meeting into a long and happy relationship. That is why the details of the dress code for the first date are so important.

Let’s start off with what you need to exclude. You need to refrain from wearing vulgar and excessively sexy things, because your potential boyfriend should be engaged in a fascinating conversation and should not be staring at your cleavage. Therefore, the first rule of choosing what to wear for the first date is moderation. Even if you have something to boast, this is not the time to do so. You must feel the line between “allowed” and “not yet” and make sure you don’t send the wrong signals. So, say no to minis and deep cleavages. Your date does not want to see a pushover and by wearing it all, you will look exactly that. The same applies to tights and fishnet stockings.

How to Dress for the First Date?


If it is a dress or a skirt, then their length should be closer to the knee. You can even wear a maxi, forcing a man to think about the beauty of your legs. You do not need to choose fanciful outfits, since they will be appropriate only in a restaurant or theater setting. In a cafe or park, the evening dress will look out of place. Therefore, before choosing an outfit, find out what your date plans for the upcoming meeting. By taking the above advice into account, we can formulate the second rule – relevance. If you follow it you will never look out of place.

When you choose how to dress for the first date, give preference to outfits in pastel colors or muffled tones, as they perfectly accentuate the tenderness and femininity of the image you’re trying to create. However, try to avoid transparent materials; you don’t want the man to see your bra. Remember, you do not need to strive to look perfect; you need to try to be yourself. Therefore, wear those things that you usually wear, because they will be very comfortable for you, which means that there will be less worries. New, unchecked outfits are better to be tested at other opportunities. If you decide to put on shapewear, make sure it’s also of the tried and tested kind. A first date is not the time to experiment – you do not want to be adjusting your clothes the entire evening.

You need to make sure that your shoes and clothes are in the same style, as not everyone will understand “fusion”. It is also undesirable to dress up in saggy T-shirts with band names on them. The only exception is you’re going to a rock concert, where you will not stand out from the crowd. In other cases, it is better to put such clothes away, preferring more reserved options. You know, no matter how hard we think about what to wear on a date with a man, sociological polls tell us that they prefer to see us with the most common jeans and T-shirts, or pullovers. Your task is to balance comfort and style. It applies to every detail, starting from your underwear and ending with the accessories you choose.



The number one rule when choosing shoes for a date is that they should be comfortable. Usually first dates end with a walk, so make sure you’ve got the right shoes for the job.

Do not wear new, unworn shoes, no matter how much you want to wear them, because there is no guarantee they will not hurt your feet. Turning your bag inside out in a crazy search for a bandaid is not how you want to spend your evening. The same rule applies to heel height. Make sure it fits the venue, because a high pair of heels will be effective in a restaurant or a club, and for a walk in the park or the river bank it will be completely quite challenging. Also, do not forget about the height of your potential boyfriend, because wearing a hairpin, you can be much taller than him, and some men might not be pleased with the idea.


By using accessories, you can complete any image. However, by losing your sense of proportion, you can turn from a stylish lady into a decorated Christmas tree. Therefore, if you have already decided what to wear to your date, try to complement your look with a moderate amount of accessories, putting aside the most expensive jewelry, large earrings, and a dozen chains around your neck. It is enough to wear one ring, a chain with a pendant, and neat earrings. Your image will be elegant and modest at the same time.

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