What to Wear to a Company Party

It doesn’t matter where you work or what’s your job title. Most likely, during the holidays you have corporate parties which you cannot avoid. The company party is the time to demonstrate your attractiveness and feminine charm in full force. It’s really nice to be the queen of the evening, receiving compliments and admiring looks from your colleagues!

So, how to choose the right outfit for the event?

When choosing a dress, you should remember a few simple rules that will help you look stunning!

1. The most important rule that you must take into account when drawing up an image is simple and obvious – it should be smart, stylish, and moderately tempting. It’s important not to cross into vulgarity, but at the same time it’s not necessary to make your outfit look dull. Too candid a dress will look common, but if your dress is too simple without the right accessories it won’t carry enough impact. We recommend giving preference to feminine, elegant things and luxury items. If you want to add a touch of sexuality to your outfit, then pay attention to a dress or blouse with a cutout back (no too deep though and with the right kind of bra) – this is a good alternative to a deep neckline. The cutout back looks much more seductive, but all the “rules” of decency must be observed. Let your colleagues look into your eyes when talking, and see you off with admiring glances.

2. When choosing a dress for a company party, you need to follow the format of the party. If the venue is an expensive restaurant, then it is better to choose an elegant evening dress. Let it be as simple as possible, but long. For example, a floor-length dress with a slit on the side or in the back will clearly attract the attention of others, and make you mysterious and feminine. If you are confident in your figure, then you can wear a short evening dress that gracefully shows off your legs. A good option will be an elegant pencil dress of a bright, but noble color. If the party is less formal, then you can wear a trendy cocktail dress, as well as trousers or a skirt with a smart blouse.

3. A little black dress is considered the most versatile outfit – it will certainly be appropriate in absolutely any situation. A correctly selected style of this dress can make every woman look charming and beautiful.

4. It’s better to choose one-color clothes, or a discreet drawing or pattern. Dark blue, purple, and burgundy, as well as dresses of pastel shades look very festive, rich and stylish. The main thing is not to forget that dark tones build the figure, and light tones give shapes a pleasant roundness.

5. When choosing fabrics and materials, focus on silk, satin and velvet. Avoid easily wrinkling fabrics that quickly lose shape.

6. And most importantly – the style of the outfit needs to be selected based on the characteristics of your figure. So, whatever you decide to wear, everything should be fitting your figure perfectly: emphasizing the advantages and hiding the shortcomings.

And don’t forget about the right underwear. Wear a bra of good form that will make your cleavage look good. Wearing shapewear is a good idea. It will help you look more fit and make your silhouette more delicate.

How to select accessories?

To shine with a lot of jewelry like a Christmas tree is not an option. But still you need to wear some jewelry. In everything you choose you should be guided by good taste and a sense of proportion. If you choose bulky earrings, then leave the necklace and bracelets at home. Or vice versa, if you have chosen large beads, then the earrings should be small and neat.

The final details in your image will be elegant shoes with high heels and, naturally, a stylish clutch, suitable in color: either the same color as the whole outfit, or a contrasting color if you want to make a bright accent.

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