What to Wear to a Cocktail Party?

Cocktail style is a fashionable trend that originated in the twenties of the last century. As a rule, the concept of “cocktail style” is closely related to the concept of “cocktail dress” and is used in relation to a variety of evening dresses, put on for so-called cocktail parties.

The cocktail dress appeared in the 1920’s in the era of emancipation and “dry law” and symbolized the birth of a new type of woman who, on an equal footing with a man, participates in all spheres of life. Parties with forbidden alcoholic beverages, of course, could not do without women. Lush evening dresses were not suitable for close rooms where such events were arranged. And the police often liked to make visits without warning. A short dress without lush interlacing elements was an ideal option for events of this format.

Currently, the cocktail dress is an integral element of the dress code for corporate parties. This is a universal option for going to a prestigious nightclub, an expensive restaurant, a casino, or a theater premiere. Usually it is worn on official events, which begin before seven in the evening.

“Cocktail dress” – this is not a style! It’s the ability of a clothing item to create an image and maximally emphasize your beauty. Therefore, you need to carefully choose it not only according to your body type, but also for matching your inner “I” – the dress should reveal it, and not hide behind its own motley!

The ideal look for a cocktail party should be feminine. At the same time, it can be strict, frivolous, romantic, etc. Try to avoid clothes that look untidy. Jeans, sweaters, sports styles or summer sundresses need to be eliminated immediately. Do not even consider sneakers, sandals, bulky shoes, and shoes without heels. Platforms can be considered, but only if you are comfortable with them.

Choosing a cocktail dress is rather simple. The main question is how to choose what is right for you. The dress can be lush, flared, straight or shaped. Most of these dresses have no sleeves. If you don’t feel like showing off your arms, then it’s better to look for a model that has a decorative detail covering your arms or to find a rare model with sleeves.

The length of the dress should be chosen based on the shape and condition of your legs, your age, and the format of the party. If this is a corporate party, for example, then it is better to give up an excessively short dress. Try to choose dresses of bright and beautiful colors. Light or pastel dresses are suitable for such an event, only if you have a good tan. If you have excellent skin in the décolleté zone, then boldly give preference to models with cleavage.

Choose the dress material taking into account the venue of the party. If the venue is warm enough, then you can choose a dress made of light fabric. If the venue of the party is cool, then think about what can be thrown over your shoulders.

In addition to clothing, there are many other details that need to be considered when going to a cocktail party. Everything is important! Evening makeup is the most appropriate. Shoes should be open toe, so make sure to not only get a manicure, but also a pedicure. Hair can be loose or collected in a nice Chignon. The hairstyle may look careless, which is now quite fashionable, but the hair must be clean.

Think about everything in advance, so that later there are no unpleasant surprises. Carefully choose underwear, it should be invisible. Look at yourself from all sides. No parts of the underwear should stick out from under the clothes. If you have shapewear in your wardrobe, it is better to wear one to be sure your silhouette looks perfect.


What Accessories are Allowed?

These are some items that allow you to safely accept an invitation to an event with a cocktail dress code: dress, shoes, handbag and jewelry. But this list can be supplemented and expanded!

So, if you choose a proper dress, the dress can be supplemented with a small hat or spectacular hair decorations (artificial flower, hairpin with feathers, etc.). At these parties, bulky bags are out of place. An ideal option is a clutch.

Remember that clothes should fit accentuate your best features and not the other way around. Choose things that flatter you and do not overdo it with accessories. Put the essential things in your clutch in advance: keys, phone, lipstick, powder, bandaids, cash and your driver’s license if you’re the designated driver for the evening.

Whatever you choose to wear, be sure to put on a smile before you leave the house and have fun!

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