Underwire vs. Wireless Bras – Which Style to Choose?

We can think about the difference between underwire and wireless bras like the difference between wearing shoes and socks. In shoes, your feet form to the shape of the shoes just as breasts do in underwire bras.  In contrast, socks primarily form to the shape of your feet like breasts do in wire free bras. Let’s compare and contrast these two bra styles. 

What are the Pros and Cons of each style?

Underwire Bra

*excellent support
*creates a beautiful breast shape
*separates the breasts for good cleavage
*strong and requires less breast coverage for good support
*very easy to find – large variety of styles, sizes and colors on the market

*Can be uncomfortable if the fit is not correct
*Can effect healing negatively if post-surgery
*some studies show underwire can block lymph nodes if too tight

Wireless Bra

*more forgiving fit – you don’t need an exact size as fit is less exact
*excellent option for pregnant or nursing women as breast shape/size can change quickly
*very comfortable since they are made of fabric only

*breasts may appear less lifted and defined
*there is usually more coverage in the center panel sometimes breasts may not be as defined
*not as many options on the market for wireless bras compared to underwire

To wear wire or not to wear wire…the decision is really up to you. Though wireless bras and underwire bras each have their own benefits, one style isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s all about personal preference. You may choose to wear a wireless bra while running errands on the weekend or lounging at home giving you comfort and a casual look. For a more formal or fitted outfit, you may choose an underwire bra for a sleeker, more defined look. 

You may want to own a variety of styles in each category to coincide with your daily activities and wardrobe needs. So don’t feel you have to pick a side and stick to it. Mixing it up is highly recommended. Have both styles in your lingerie drawer and enjoy the freedom of having both!

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