Swimwear Trends to Try in 2017

With summer right around the corner, every girl wants to feel beautiful and also sexy while wearing swimwear. This summer, it is a good idea to go with one of the new trendy swimwear styles of 2017! There are some wild, sexy, beautiful styles to suit everyone. Below are 10 of the top swimwear trends to try out in 2017.

1. Retro Swimwear

Dating back to the fifties, retro style swimwear is back in style. This style is perfect for those classy and modern women. Some key retro swimwear styles are the bustier tops and halter tops. Many colors such as polka dots, black, navy and red are the perfect retro colors.

Freya Italini Swimwear

2. High Waisted Swimwear Bottoms

High waisted swimwear bottoms are one of top trends of swimwear in 2017. This simple, yet cute look is ideal for all women of different style bodies. They add definition and create a nice appearance at the hips. The high waisted bottoms can be worn with a simple top. All colors and styles of these high waisted bottoms are in style this season.

3. Deep V-Neck Style Swimwear

Although some feel that this style is very daunting, it can be very beautiful and a great way to show off some skin. Low V-neck trendy swimwear is popular this 2017 season. No matter the size of your bust, this style looks great on all women.

Leonisa Slimming Deep Plunge One Piece Swimsuit

4. One Piece High Rise Swimwear

This season, a lot of high rise one pieces will be seen. This style can be related back to the 90’s that was featured on Baywatch. These one pieces will show off your curves and leave you feeling sexier than ever. This type of bikini is popular among the Kardashian clan. For colors and styles of this type of bikini, bright and bold colors are popular with simple styles and patterns.

5. Cut-out Swimwear

Cut-out swimwear can be of many different shapes and styles. Cut outs are being featured on many one pieces style bikinis as well as two piece. Some popular cut outs include those down the side of the bikini, in the middle near your stomach, or on the back. You can choose from many different style cut outs and colors.

Leonisa Adjustable Bottom Monokini

6. Crop-top Swimwear

Similar to the ever so popular crop top shirts, they now have a crop top bikini. This gives off a sporty, yet cute style. This type of swimwear can be somewhat revealing showing more of the stomach.

7. Sheer Panel Swimwear

Something new to this summer’s trend is sheer swimwear. This style is quite similar to the cut out style except it has a sheer covering over the open cut. This a more seductive and sexy style for women.

8. Wrap Around Tops

Featured in many magazines are the popular wrap around swimwear tops. These beautiful tops have a strap that wraps around the body near the ribs, creating a unique appearance. Sometimes they wrap around a few times. You can also purchase wrap around bottoms to match.

Leonisa Multiway Halter Bikini Swimwear

9. Lace Up Swimwear

For an eye catching beautiful look, go with lace up swimwear this summer. These are beautiful. Lace up bikinis come in different styles. There are some with lace down the front, down the side, at the top, on the back etc.

Leonisa Slimming Strapless Mesh One Piece Swimsuit

10. Zip-up Swimwear

Last but not least, zip-up swimwear is a popular style for the 2017 bikini season. These swimsuits give off a sporty, trendy swimwear style. Zippers are featured all the way up on one piece bikinis or half way on two piece bikinis.

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