Should I Sleep in My Bra?

It’s the classic lingerie question: Should you regularly sleep in your bra, or should you forego a nighttime bra entirely? A new line of sleep bras is awakening this age-old debate, and we’re taking a look at the science and technology behind its interesting claims and innovative design.


Renowned plastic surgeon Randal Haworth noticed over the course of his career that his clients who regularly slept in bras had perkier, firmer breasts than those who slept without them. In addition, nightly bra wearers showed less wrinkling on their décolletage areas. This discovery led Dr. Haworth to create a sleep bra that would provide maximum support to breast tissue in order to prevent sagging and unsightly lines.


To understand why a nighttime bra is necessary, it’s important to look at what happens to breasts during the sleep cycle. Whether you’re a side sleeper or prefer to lie on your back, breasts will fall into certain positions during sleep that can create unwanted sagging. For instance, back sleepers’ breasts will fall to the sides, therefore stretching out the breast tissue and altering its shape over time. Side sleepers’ top breasts will sag onto their bottom breast, resulting in distortion and wrinkles. Because of these effects, Dr. Haworth decided to design a sleep bra that would essentially support each individual breast with sling construction.

NightLift Sleep Camisole

NightLift Sleep Camisole

At Classic Shapewear, we’re pleased to carry Dr. Haworth’s innovative NightLift collection. Specifically designed for nighttime use, these styles provide ample support to ligaments and connective tissue while cradling the breast to retain its shape. Comfortably constructed with no underwires, these bras used multi-layered, molded construction to stabilize the breast area throughout the night. Even better, this stabilization protects against unwanted lines and wrinkles along the décolletage. J-hooks further allow for customization as you please.


Dr. Haworth even suggests that with regular use, his sleep bra can prevent the need for a future breast lift – and that says something coming from a plastic surgeon! “Prevention is what the NightLift does most effectively,” he says. “If you’re sagging a little, our bra can’t tighten tissue that’s already stretched, but it can certainly help prevent it from further stretching and sagging.”

NightLift Sleep Bra

NightLift Sleep Bra

What are your thoughts on Dr. Haworth’s NightLift collectiion and the science behind it? Do you plan to change your nighttime habits, or are you already committed to wearing a bra around the clock? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below!


Images courtesy of NightLift.

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