Shapewear for Women vs. Shapewear for Men

What used to be an unpopular and limited item has now turned into something that is seen on the shelves in the majority of stores. Shapewear has absolutely taken over, and is being used by many people. Shapewear started with a single pair of spanx shorts; now, it has expanded into garments for every part of the body, in different colors, patterns, and sizes. Shapewear is typically thought of as the perfect undergarment for women. However, this is not necessarily true. Shapewear is now being offered in larger selections to men. It is believed to be the next big thing for men. Bellow you’ll find some of the most popular pieces of shapewear for women versus shapewear for men. Notice that generally, the pieces all have the same central idea, and some are even very similar.


1# Spanx Shorts for Women vs Spanx Underwear for Men

Shorts help to suck in the belly and hips area. They come in different lengths for different style clothing.
Underwear helps to suck in the waist and hips area. It comes in speedo style, or even a style of spanx shorts. Our recommendation: her, him


2# Waist Cincher for Women vs Belly Buster for Men

Waist Cincher is specifically designed to help with love handles at the hips. It will make the waist and hips appear leaner. It also helps to provide some support to the back.
Belly Buster is one of the most popular pieces for men, as they tend to carry most of their weight in the stomach area. It works to suck in the extra fat in the belly area, making the belly appear leaner. It will also provide support to the back area. Our recommendation: her, him


3# Padded Underwear for Women vs Padded Underwear for Men

Padded underwear for women targets the buttocks. It helps to give the backside some extra padding and appear very firm.
Padded underwear for men is very similar to the padded underwear for women. The main difference is that they are offered in different styles, mainly boxers or briefs.


4# Camisole for Women vs Compression Tank/T-shirt for Men

Camisole helps to tighten the stomach area of any unwanted bulges. Camisoles are often worn underneath clothing, but some styles allow women to wear them on their own and dress them up with any outfit.
Compression tank/t-shirt is also a good choice for extra stomach fat. It can be worn underneath clothing, or even on its own.
Our recommendation: her, him

These bullets touch on only some of the popular styles of shapewear for both men and women. In addition to the ones listed here, there are so many more pieces available for different purposes.

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