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Leonisa Slimming Tummy Control Swimsuit

Leonisa Slimming Tummy Control Swimsuit

Now that spring has officially sprung, out come our warm-weather wardrobes. During the winter, shapewear is an obvious asset in protecting us from the cold. As the temperature rises, additional layers seem less appealing. There is plenty of shapewear, however, that flatters your form while keeping you cool under the sun.

The first factor to consider is fabric. Some shapers’ material is simply thinner than others. For example, the Spanx Trust Your Thinstincts line is made of an ultra-thin, sleek fabric that is perfect for hotter days and still slims just as effectively. Similarly, anything designated as “moisture-wicking“ will actually draw sweat and perspiration away from the skin to outer layers, where it can dry in the warm air. In those instances, your undergarments are actually preventing you from becoming a hot, sweaty mess, which is no easy feat under the sizzling sun!

Another way shapewear helps stave off the perils of perspiration is by separating areas where sweat can collect. Spring and summer fashion is all about skirts and dresses. Of course, hosiery and tights are out of the question. This means legs, especially thighs, are left to rest against each other, skin-against-skin. Pools of sweat can quickly form, and the inevitable friction is not your friend. Both of these things are not only uncomfortable, but also can cause considerable skin irritation. Slipping on a pair of Spanx shorts or thigh shapers, however, easily resolves the problem. Shaping shorts also prevent sweat from seeping through and leaving unsightly sweat-stains on clothing.

This time of year, sheer clothing and tanks also become a staple of the season. Most women will wear something underneath, such as a camisole tank. Many shaping camis are pretty enough that they become the accent that makes the outfit. Want to wear a tank but can’t imagine wearing two layers? There’s no need. Several shaping tanks are designed to be worn on their own and never resemble anything other than terrific tank tops.


TC Fine Intimates “Even More” Full Figure Camisole

Of course, summer is synonymous with swimming, which means pools and beaches. For many, the only thing more irritating than buying jeans is shopping for swimsuits. It brings out our deepest insecurities and can leave you feeling defeated and unattractive. Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way. Control swimwear is perfect for enjoying a fashionable dip in cool, refreshing water and it slims and shapes as effectively as any one-piece shaper. When you pick the right one, your least favorite piece of clothing suddenly becomes one of your favorites!

Just like with the rest of your wardrobe, changing seasons means wearing different shapewear. With so much variety, everyone is bound to find the items that suit their needs exactly. There is no need to sacrifice fashion or comfort just because the temperature rises. As long as your closet contains the right shapewear, you can bask in the sun’s rays, looking and feeling as radiant as ever!

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