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With all of the styles, sizes, patterns, types, and brands of shapewear on the market today, it makes it very difficult when going to the store and trying to pick out the perfect piece of shapewear for you. You have a lot of things to think about like: “What am I trying to accomplish by using shapewear?” or “What areas of the body do I want to target with shapewear?” Experts all over the world have design shapewear quizzes to help you find answers before you start searching the shelves for the perfect piece of shapewear.

With many people making use of technology today and the internet, there are multiple shapewear quizzes that can be found online. All of them differ in the questions they ask and their set up. Searching the internet for shapewear quizzes, I did find many results. Below are some of the shapewear quizzes that I found, with some details about the name, structure of the quiz, and some details.

ChaCha Quiz: The ChaCha quiz is a quiz designed to help you select your body type and then in turn, determine shapewear pieces that will suit your body. In the quiz you will be asked questions on where you store fat, what parts of your body may appear larger than the others, and a whole set of many other questions. The reason for this is they want to help you determine whether you have a body shape of a pear, an apple, or an hourglass. At the end you will be given suggestions on different shapewear pieces that will suit you and help to target different areas.

Quiz: Find Your Shapewear Match. Again, this quiz starts off with questions relating to your body type, where you carry the most weight, and what you can compare your body shape too. Next you will be asked questions about what you want to accomplish by using shapewear and what areas you are looking to target. In this quiz you will be asked approximately 10 questions, and at the end, they will give you a result of the best shapewear for you. You can always start again and look at your different options.

My Shapewear Stylist Quiz: This is a great quiz where virtual stylists can show you how to pick the best shapewear for your body type. In this quiz, they will question your body type and come up with solutions that could be best for you. They also incorporate celebrities and show you what kind of shapewear they use. At the end they will give you suggestions on what they feel is best for you based on your body type.


If you are looking for the right shapewear, then I suggest to jump online and try out one of these awesome online shapewear quizzes. When shopping, you will then have an idea of what you are looking for. They can really be beneficial in helping you choose the proper piece of shapewear for you.

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