What Shapewear Do The Kardashians Wear?

It’s no big surprise that even celebrities wear shapewear to fix their imperfections. The Kardashian sisters are very into wearing shapewear under their tight fitting dresses. They admit that it helps to hide all of their imperfections and make them feel a lot more confident and good on the red carpet. The Kardashian sisters are so into wearing shapewear that they even have decided to launch their own shapewear collection. Based on the media, below are a few of the shapewear styles and types that the Kardashian sisters wear.

Kim Kardashian flashes her thighs and hips slimming shapewear underneath her dress (Image: Pinterest)

High Waist Long Leg Panty

This type of shapewear is worn from the abdominal area down to about the mid-thigh. The girls wear this type of shapewear when they wear long dresses. These are perfect for tummy control as they help to smooth and flatten the tummy. Since the sisters wear very tight fitting dresses, these are perfect because they fit tight and also eliminates bulges. They like these panties because they also offer lower back support and slenderize the waist.

Body Wrap Long-Leg High Waist Panty.

Spanx Woman Power Capri

“Sometimes I wear two pairs of Spanx on top of each other—especially when I am heavier, I def double it up.” This is what Kim Kardashian revealed to the media on a report about shapewear. All the Kardashian sisters utilize the famous Spanx to keep them looking slim under their tight fitting outfits. The main reason for the Spanx is to help them slim their waistline and stomach. It also helps to keep their bottom area in place.

Shape up right where you need it with a high waist Capri. Yummie Tummie Lilo Capri.

Hourglass Waist Training Corsets

This is a super popular style shapewear after the word got out that this is one of the secrets to the Kardashian sisters’ fabulous looks. With the pricing, results, high ratings, and colors, these corsets are being sold in very high numbers! They are intended to help define the waist and reshape the body. The results are immediate with these corsets leaving women feeling fabulous right away. There are many sizes so you can get one to fit exactly the shape of your body. It has also been proven that these corsets help to improve body posture.

Firm compression while molding to the shape of your body over time. TruFigure hourglass corset.

These are three of the top shapewear styles that the Kardashian sisters wear to get that fabulous curvy looking body that most woman would love to have.


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