Shapewear: How to Choose?

Looking for tool to perfect your look? Shapewear may be just the thing to smooth out those edges and make you feel your best. Unfortunately though, shapewear is not a one size fits all ordeal. In fact, it is heavily dependent on your body type, body size, purpose and price. Use this guide to find the perfect match for you!

#1: Body Type

Rounded Figure: When you have a small waist to hip ratio and broad shoulders, you want something that defines your waistline such as corsets, cinches, or shaping camisoles.

Straight Figured: Long and lean. Waist, hip, and shoulders are similar in proportion. If you want to add some curves and definition, try out butt enhancing shapers or cincher vests.

Hourglass: Curves are proportional to your bust and hips with a slim waistline. You want to try defining your curves. For an hourglass body shape, all-over shaping bodysuits or corselets are helpful.

Curvy on the bottom: Slim waist and curvy hips. Your bust and shoulders are slim, so you want to create a balanced figure using shapewear. Try thigh-slimming shapers or braless shaping tops.

Shapely on the top: Your shoulders and bust are larger, and you have a slim waist and hips. You want to draw attention away from your chest and create a more balanced body figure. Ideal shapewear includes enhancing panties and full-body shapers.

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#2: Body Size

Body size affects how shapewear fits and performs its functions.

“A quick hip and waist measurement can help you make sure you’re looking at the right size” Sophia Banks-Coloma, a Hollywood celebrity stylist, says. If you purchase a size that is too tight or too loose fitting, this can take away from shapewear’s ability to provide you with its proper function. Many women believe that going down a size in shapewear will help with creating a slimmer figure and fitting into a tight dress, but this is not the case. “But that makes you look bigger because it can cause bulges, and it can be uncomfortable,” Banks-Coloma says. Having shapewear that is too tight can actually lead to health problems. It can compress organs or even nerves. Some women have reported tingling or numbness.

Sophia Banks-Coloma (Source: John Shearer/Getty Images North America)

#3: Purpose

Your reason for wearing shapewear plays a huge factor in what you should choose. If you are looking to slim down your thighs or your stomach, there are different types of shapewear that perform different roles. Shapewear to help slim down thighs include shapewear panties, tights, body suits, or hip huggers. Some shapewear to slim down the stomach area include camis, shapewear shirts, bust, and body suits. There are also shapewear pieces that directly affect the shoulders and arms.

#4: Price

Whether you want to try out a shapewear piece that is low in price or want to spend extra on shapewear to ensure that it works, there area whole wide range of costs.

These factors can all influence and affect your decision on choosing the proper shapewear. Make sure to keep these in mind when picking out the perfect shapewear garment for you!

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