Shapewear That Hides Back Fat

The battle of the bulge is not always fought at the waistline. In fact, for many women, it’s the other way around. Ill-fitting bras and too-tight clothing oftentimes accentuate back fat, which is the last thing you want when you’re dissatisfied with that region already. Luckily, many modern shaping devices offer built-in compression that directly targets multiple areas of the back. We’ve rounded up some helpful styles that will streamline your figure and ease your apprehension about this common figure concern.

  1. Longline Bras
Elila Bra

Elila Jacquard Posture Longline Bra

Don’t choose a bra that highlights back fat – choose one that conceals it instead! Longline bras are ideal for smoothing the middle of the back and reducing the appearance of rolls, which are sometimes accentuated by traditional bras and their smaller bands.


  1. Open-Bust Body Shapers

Open Bust Shapewear

Sure, you want to target your backside, but you don’t want to compress your bust in the process. That’s why open-bust body shapers are ideal solutions. This design is made with an open front, so you can wear the lifting bra of your choice. Meanwhile, the back panel keeps back fat smoothed and controlled.

(Left to right: TruFigure Thong Bodysuit, Co’Coon Powertech Hiphugger Slim Bodysuit, Annette  Latex Shaper)


  1. Posture Correctors
leonisa bra

Leonisa Arm Compression Posture Corrector

Target back fat and slumped shoulders with one innovative design. Much like the open-bust shapers mentioned above, posture correctors only compress the back, smoothing out any rolls around the bra itself. As an added bonus, this style is designed to encourage you to sit up straight.


  1. Arm Shapers

Renolife by Annette Compression Arm Sleeves

If you’re looking for a shaper that slims your upper back while also addressing your arms, this is the shapewear for you. Arm compression garments keep unwanted arm flab in check by smoothing and tightening this troublesome spot. In turn, its placement along the upper back flattens any back fat.


  1. Waist Cinchers
TruFigure Classic Latex Waist Cincher

TruFigure Classic Latex Waist Cincher

Most people specifically think of waist cinchers and fajas as tummy fixers, but these popular shapers give your backside the same smoothing compression as they do your abs. If your primary focus is on your lower back, this is a great shaping garment to utilize, and it helps create an hourglass effect.


  1. Shaping Vests

Vedette Renee Firm Compression Waist Cincher Corset

Much like waist cinchers, shaping vests are designed to address the entire torso, but they’re constructed with straps for additional lift and support. This particular garment is ideal for targeting the midsection and eliminating bulges from the upper, middle and lower portions of the back with one convenient solution.


Do you struggle with back fat, and if so, what shaping solutions do you rely on to help you look and feel your best? Share your feedback in the comments section!

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