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Does Wearing Shapewear Help You Lose Weight?

New Year’s is just around the corner, and many of us are looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. While we all know the benefits of eating healthy and exercising, there are a number of other things you can do to support your weight loss. With the popularity of shapewear and workout waist trainers, many are asking: does wearing shapewear help you lose weight?

Well, yes and no

Wearing shapewear can help you lose weight, but the pounds won’t simply melt off while you wear shaping garments. They work by supporting your body, boosting your confidence and mindful habits.

How Wearing Shapewear Helps You Lose Weight

Shapewear helps you lose weight in subtle but tangible ways. This means that you can boast the figure of your dreams while working to make it a reality.

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1.     Support During Exercise

Perhaps the most notable example on our list is waist trainers or cinchers made to be worn while exercising. Compressing fat cells into muscle tissue, thus making your core muscles work more intensely. Another way this works is by providing core support during your workout and correcting your posture.

Though it does need to be mentioned that those who choose to wear waist trainers during workouts shouldn’t wear them too tight or for prolonged periods of time. As with any new exercise equipment (including wardrobe) or routines, pay close attention to your body.

2.     Reshaping after Physical Trauma

After abdominal surgeries or giving birth, your body is quite literally out of shape. This, of course, isn’t your fault, but that of the immense trauma your body has gone through. Shapewear compresses fat into muscle tissue and reshapes the body. This promotes healing.

If you are in the market for post-surgical girdles or after birth, you should consult your family doctor to ensure it is safe for you.

3.     Makes You Mind Your Eating

When people ask, “how can shapewear help me lose weight?” they often think of the reshaping and compression features. However, there is one subtle way that shapewear aids weight loss – you’re more mindful of your eating. The pressure on your stomach makes you more aware of that full feeling.

However, when it comes to diet, it is always important to have enough calories for your demographic and energy levels. Be sure not to use this method to promote fasting and be aware of any stomach pains.

4.     Confidence Granted by Shapewear Helps You Lose Weight

The power of feeling “right” in your body is tangible. If you feel like You and don’t feel animosity toward your body, you’re much more likely to take care of it. Feel at home in the only body you have by dressing the way you want and loving yourself.

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Your ideal shape now becomes something tangible that you can see rather than a vague idea in your head. This makes you much more likely to follow through with your new year’s resolution to live a happier and healthier life!

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