What Shapewear Do Celebrities Wear?

There is a ton of pressure to look good on the red carpet. With the number of pictures being taken and critics waiting to dissect you from every angle , there’s no room for mistakes. Believe it or not, most celebrities utilize shapewear to help give them a more tailored look. It helps boost their confidence and improves their silhouette so that they can look picture-perfect from every angle. Below are some of the shapewear types and styles are worn by many of the celebrities.

Gigi Hadid on the red carpet. (Image: Pinterest)

High-waist Shorts

This is one of the most popular forms of shapewear worn under many celebrities’ outfits. It is popular due to the amount of coverage it provides. High-waist shorts start about mid-thigh and go all the way up to the breasts. This helps to tone the waist, thighs and butt. This is often worn under longer dresses.

Mid-waist Shorts

This style of shapewear is great for dresses that have a plunging neckline or cut-out. This style goes from about mid waist to the upper thighs, butt and lower abdominals. It will help to hug everything in. This style works well with not only dresses, but hip-hugging style pants as well.

Smoothing Thongs

Smoothing thongs are worn by a lot of celebrities that do not want to have a panty line. These are perfect for under dresses, where you want to tighten your stomach or core and not show any panty lines. Many celebrities wear these also under linen or silk style pants.

Tight Shaping Tank

Most celebrities on the red carpet that are wearing a pantsuit, wear a slimming top to go with it. Rather than wearing an average tank top underneath their suit, they go for a tight shaping tank. This sort of shapewear helps to smooth out those curves and offers you good control. Try this Fat Free Dressing Tank Top by Maidenform (in the picture below).

Shaping Bodysuit

Bodysuits are definitely in style at the moment. These are worn by celebrities that like wearing sheer gowns. Shaping bodysuits help to support the midsection and breasts. They can look quite sexy and can even be exposed and worn as part of the outfit.


The slips aren’t worn as much as they once were. They are still used by some celebrities as they do help with refraining a dress from clinging to your body, add some comfort and provide light control. These are most commonly worn under dresses.

Shapewear is worn by most celebrities out there. Whether it’s part of the outfit or is hidden underneath, it helps celebrities feel confident and good while standing on the red carpet.

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