Shapewear and Pregnancy

Is wearing shapewear during pregnancy ok to do? This is a common question that many women have when they feel uncomfortable in that extra weight gained while having a baby. Studies have shown there to be many benefits to wearing shapewear during and immediately after your pregnancy. If you want to slim down that “post baby pouch,” that just seems very difficult and impossible to get rid of, then why not try out shapewear?

There is a common condition that occurs during pregnancy called Diastasis Recti. This is caused during pregnancy when the uterus stretches out the muscles in the abdomen creating a huge bulge in the stomach area. Well, wearing shapewear during pregnancy can help to prevent this condition to happen in the first place. The pressure on the uterus causes Diastasis Recti and wearing a compression can help to get rid of some of that pressure.

There are many pieces of shapewear that are available for pregnant women. There are several options in terms of size, and amount of compression. If you are looking for something that is not too tight or something that will hold in that extra fat, there is something for all. Below are some of the most common types of pregnancy shapewear that is on the market for pregnant women.

1. The Maternity Support Panty

This type of panty provides a women with very light compression to the abdomen area. This is a good choice for women that are in their later stages of pregnancy. The panties contain a reinforcement band to help support the belly area. Back pain is prevented by extra front and back coverage.

2. Seamless Pregnancy Shaper

If you are interested in a piece of shapewear with more compression, and a booty lifting and thigh slimming effect, then the seamless pregnancy shaper garment would be the one for you! This panty will help to provide compression below the belly, on the hips, below the rear and on the lower back. There is a soft material on the belly area that allows for larger growth of the stomach for the later months of pregnancy.

3. The Pregnancy Support Body Shaper

This body suit style shapewear has a combination of both medium and high compression. The medium control helps to lift the butt and tighten the waist. The high control helps for back support and to lift the buttocks. This body suit has a crotch opening that makes it easy to still go to the washroom without removing the whole garment.

4. Post-Partum Panty

For those women who have experienced Diastasis Recti, this will help correct the condition of post-partum. This can be worn right after giving birth, even while in the hospital. It will help reduce the uterus. It also has features that will help to slim you. The garment covers the whole tummy and reduces it back to normal size. This piece comes with Velcro so that you can tie it up at your own comfort level and tighten it as your stomach gets smaller. This type of garment in offers in both a regular and high waist style.

There are several different styles, designs, patterns to choose from for pregnancy shapewear. There are many benefits to wearing shapewear during and after pregnancy.


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