Questions About Shapewear You Always Wanted to Ask

Shapewear is becoming a very popular piece of clothing item in the fashion industry. What used to be popular only in the past is now making its reappearance and taking up room on the shelves in many stores. Since shapewear is just regaining popularity, there are many people that have reoccurring questions about it. Some people may feel a little bit awkward and self-conscious about asking questions, but in reality, there is no such thing as a silly shapewear question. This article provides an effort to help answer some of the most common and uneasy shapewear questions.


Q: Is shapewear comfortable?

A: Yes, shapewear is comfortable because it’s supposed to be. To ensure that your shapewear is comfortable, it is very important to get the right size. If you wear shapewear that is perfect size (not too big, not too small), you should be comfortable and able to carry on your daily tasks with no issues. There is also the choice of different control levels of shapewear. Whether you like it very tight or very loose, the right size will be the most comfortable.


Q: If I choose shapewear that is small on me, will it make me look thinner?

A: This is a common thought from many people, but in reality, the answer is absolutely not! If you wear shapewear that is too small, you will feel very uncomfortable and it will result in bulges under your clothing.


Q: Should underwear be worn with shapewear?

A: Yes, underwear should be worn with shapewear. The only exception comes when a shapewear piece is specifically designed to act as underwear.

Q: Is it easy to pee while wearing shapewear?

A: Yes, you should be able to use the washroom with no problem. Some shapewear garments have a crotch opening that makes it easy to open up when you need to. Some garments you will have to pull down to use the washroom. Make sure you are comfortable in doing so before you wear your piece of shapewear out in public.


Q: Can you sleep in your shapewear?

A: It wouldn’t hurt to sleep in shapewear, but I would advise to not make a habit of it. It is good to give your body some rest while you sleep. You want to make sure you are completely comfortable. While there are no health risks for sleeping in shapewear, double check with your doctor.

This article covered some of the most common shapewear questions. If you have any remaining questions, feel free to ask a sales specialist or even pose your question in an online forum. Remember, no shapewear question is a silly question!

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