The Popularity of Modern Day Waist-Cinching

Interest continues to rise in waist training methods as more and more celebrities share Instagram photos of their midsection-slimming routines. Starlets such as Kim Kardashian, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner and Lindsay Lohan have touted waist training as a go-to method for tightening their abdominals and contouring their midriffs.

Much like corsets of the past, waist cinchers are used to visually slim the torso to create a dramatic hourglass look and disguise unwanted pounds along the midsection. This compression is also believed to improve posture and provide helpful back support. Unlike traditional corsets, however, modern day waist cinchers are made to support your figure and not constrict it, making daily wear a cinch! (pun intended)

Made to support your figure. Waist cincher by TruFigure

In addition to its visual flattery, this form of shapewear is known to be especially helpful for women who are recovering from childbirth. Girdles and binders are highly recommended to women who have recently undergone C-section procedures as a way to ease pain, support wound healing, and reduce swelling.

Hollywood beauty Jessica Alba credits modern waist-cinching techniques with getting her body back into shape after childbirth. “I wore a double corset day and night for three months,” the actress has revealed. As for the results? Alba says the process was “sweaty but worth it.”

Waist-cinching has come a long way from its early roots, but the effects are just as impressive. This technique has been shown to reduce waist circumferences by up to seven inches. Waist cinchers fit discreetly underneath your regular clothing for easy all day wear, allowing you to achieve results quickly.

“Sweaty but worth it” Jessica Alba. (Image: Pinterest)

When purchasing this type of shapewear, consider buying two separate pieces to regularly alternate for best results. This will allow each corset or binder a day off to snap back into its original shape, thus increasing the shapewear’s longevity and overall performance. When it comes to fasteners, remember to begin at the outer-most clasps. Doing so will allow you to work your way down to the tightest clasps as needed. Don’t be afraid to start slowly and progress to longer wear at your own pace. As your body adjusts, you can increase your frequency.

Classic Shapewear offers a wide assortment of postpartum shapers and waist-cinching belts to help you trim your abs with ease. Our comfortable and supportive binders are far from the suffocating corsets of the past. They will address your needs with the discreetness and versatility you desire.

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