Plus Size Sleepwear For Your Body Type

Having the proper sleepwear type is important to get a good night’s rest. Depending on your body type, there are certain types of sleepwear that are more comfortable and suitable than others. If you are a woman that is a size 12 and up, you are considered to be a plus size. For plus size woman, there are certain pajamas that can offer more support and also coverage. Below are a few styles of plus size sleepwear that are great for a goodnight’s rest.


V-Neck Baggy Night Shirt

V-necks are a comfy t-shirt style top that can be worn to bed. They are loose fitting and don’t fit too tight to the body. Due to their loose fit, they help to create a line at the top of the body making yourself look leaner. For extra comfort, choose a V-neck shirt that is larger fitting.


Night Gown

A nightgown is definitely a great option for plus size woman. They give you great coverage and a loose fitting style that is comfortable. Night gowns come in many different styles and material, some include: cotton, silk, and wool. Some materials will give you warmth at night and some will leave you feeling cool.


Tie-up Pants

Having a pair of pants that tie at the waist are great for sleeping. You have to the option of choosing how tight you would like them to fit around the waist. If you go with a bigger size, you will then be guaranteed that they will fit and be extra comfortable.


Flutter Tops

Flutter tops are similar to a t-shirt, but the difference is that they are flowy at the bottom and loose fitting. You can wear these types of tops with a pair of Capri pants or shorts for a cozy and comfy ensemble.


Drawstring Capri Pants

This type of pant is perfect for lounging around. They are extra comfy and soft and come in a number of different materials. Many people find them better than a pair of long pants, because they allow for good air circulation. They are ideal for a good rest and relaxation.

For plus size women, the ultimate goal when sleeping is to be comfortable and covered. Remember it when choosing the perfect plus size sleepwear style for you.

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