Men’s Shapewear Anxiety

Leo Upper Body Full Compression Men's Shaper

Leo Upper Body Full Compression Men’s Shaper

Under the impression that shapewear is a more of a female thing? Think again! Men can greatly benefit from these versatile essentials, and Classic Shapewear offers a wide variety of styles and solutions to accommodate all of your shapewear and activewear needs.

Benefits of Men’s Shapewear
Just as women’s shapewear products are filled with different options and uses, men’s shapewear is made with multiple goals in mind. Whether you desire increased confidence and improved body image, stomach flattening, thigh compression, enhanced posture or a lifted behind, there’s a product specifically tailored to address your concerns.

1. T-Shirts and Tanks
One of the least detectable forms of men’s shapewear is a control tank or t-shirt. This seemingly basic essential is transformed into a stomach and chest compressor that tightens your core for a visibly slimmer form and improves your overall posture – all while offering the breathable comfort you expect from this everyday wardrobe staple.

2. Waist Control
If you want to slim the look of your stomach and abs, our assortment of waist cinchers will eliminate unwanted stomach bulge. Available in discreet nude tones, these shapers offer a streamlined fit while contouring your torso comfortably.

3. Boxer Briefs

Leo High Waist Control Boxer Brief

Leo High Waist Control Boxer Brief

The average boxer brief is upgraded with high waist control to take you through your workout looking fit and feeling fresh. These boxers also provide lower back support to improve your overall form, while comfortable microfiber fabric dries quickly for a clean finish.

4. Compression Leggings
Our selection of compression leggings and shorts helps keep you cool during your workouts while improving circulation and increasing muscle recovery and athletic endurance. These activewear pieces offer a clean, streamlined aesthetic and keep sweat at bay by dispersing heat.

5. Enhancement Briefs
If you’re looking for a way to add shape and roundness to your backside, enhancer shorts are the solution you’ve been searching for. These briefs add lift and volume to your glutes for an attractive and masculine rear view. Wear underneath your jeans and slacks to see a visible difference in the fit of your wardrobe basics, and don’t be surprised if your friends inquire about your workout routine.

6. Vests
If you’ve recently undergone a procedure on your abdomen, chest or back – or if you plan to undergo an operation in the near future – a shapewear vest can help with your overall recovery. Zippers and hook & eye closures allow for easy adjustments, and the breathable fabric helps keep you comfortable as you heal.

Don’t let the ladies have all the fun. Our shapewear offers the solutions you need to ease your men’s shapewear anxiety.

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