Lingerie Fashion and Body Shapes

Finding the perfect lingerie for your body shape is important to give you a confident and good looking figure. There are four terms used to describe the shape of a woman’s body: PEAR, APPLE, BANANA OR HOURGLASS.

A pear shape body describes a smaller figure at the top that goes down into a set of wide hips and full legs curving down to the knee. An apple shape body describes a body that is “top heavy,” meaning a wide torso, broad shoulders, and thinner on the bottom.

A banana body type is for those women who have shoulders and waist about the same width with wide hips that are not noticeable. Lastly, an hourglass shaped body is characterized by a pair of larger thighs, bigger hips, and a smaller waist. Each and every woman’s body is unique in their own way. When it comes to dressing one’s body shape in lingerie it is important to choose the right styles and silhouettes that fit and enhance your figure. Below are 10 different styles of lingerie fashion for different body types.

  1. Hourglass Figure – Tight Slips

One way to show off an hourglass figure with a beautiful lingerie piece is wearing a tight slip. These will help to define every curve of your hips and create a classic sexual appeal. There are a variety of styles to choose from such as mesh, lace, or silk.

BodyWrap Lace Slip

  1. For Pears – Bandeaus

Bandeaus have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and are underrated in the lingerie industry. A lot of people have a difficult time in figuring out how to properly wear them. For those pear shape females with a smaller chest, wearing bandeaus are very advantageous. They can help to create a balanced body size appearance. They work well with a pair of panties or shorts.

Bandeau – perfect for pear body shape

  1. For Bananas – Thongs/G-strings

For bananas, smaller pieces of lingerie are very appropriate. That is why the thong or also called “g-string”, is popular. This will help to show off more of the body with a simple style. There are thongs that rise higher up that will give you more of a curvy appeal.

Bananas? Try smaller pieces of lingerie

  1. For Apples – Underwire Bra

For those women who are “top heavy”, it’s important to have a good support. Underwire bras are perfect for good support but also keeping the cleavage looking fine and separated. You can wear this with a pair of shorts or higher waisted panties.

  1. Hourglass – Garters

For hourglass body figures, garters are perfect to accent the body’s midsection. Once they were used to hold up stockings, but now being used as a lingerie fashion piece. Garters pair well with a nice bra and panty set for a beautiful effect.

Garters are perfect to accent the body’s midsection

  1. For Bananas – High Rise Panties

High rise panties help create a more curved illusion. They help to give the legs a toned look and give them more length.

  1. For Pears – Babydolls

These can help to make the hips look fuller and the thighs look toned. Different fabrics such as silk and lace can help to give off a sexy vibe.

Pears? Try a sexy babydoll…

  1. For Apples – Corsets

Corsets help to smooth out the tummy and accent the waist and hips. They go well paired with a pair of high-cut panties for a slender leg appearance.

  1. All Body Types – Retro Style

There are pin-up styles for all body types. Choose high-waisted panties to hide thicker thighs or give a sexy appearance to leaner legs. Don’t be afraid to try it out. There is something for everyone.

Hi-rise panties flatter all body types!

  1. All Body Types – Silk Nighties

Silk nighties are for all body types and can leave a woman feeling very comfortable while looking sexy. They fit looser on the body and accent every silhouette regardless of the shape. This a perfect piece of lingerie fashion for all.

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