How to Buy Shapewear?

Buying shapewear can be stressful and difficult with all the types and styles available on the store shelves today. All shapewear is created differently, with different purpose. So, it is not as easy as going to the store and picking it out without doing your research first. Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to buy shapewear. Starting with choosing the right measurements and sizing all the way to selecting the different colors, there are many things that have to be taken into consideration. Below are some tips and information that you should keep in mind when buying the proper shapewear for you.


Rule #1: Proper Sizing and Measurement

You have to make sure you get the proper size shapewear in order to see the full effects of the garment. If you purchase a size that is too small, you may experience bulging or even feel light headed from it being too tight. If you purchase it too big, it will show under your clothing and not hold everything in like you want it to. Make sure to have an idea of your waist, hip and chest measurements prior to purchasing anything.

Rule #2: What are your Shapewear Needs?

Now you have to ask yourself the question, what do I want to use the shapewear for? Do I want to flatten out my stomach area, hips, or thighs? There are numerous shapewear pieces to choose from that will help to shape different areas. The shapewear you choose should be flattering and shaping the area you are looking to target.

Rule #3: Select your Color

Shapewear is available in all different colors. There are basic colors: black, white and nude, and more elaborate colors: pink, yellow, blue. Make sure to select a color that is good for you and what will not show under your clothing. A lot of times people base their shapewear color choices based on their skin tone or on the color of their clothes.

Rule #4: Research Brands

There are many different brands of shapewear on the shelves today. It can be hard to choose a specific brand. They all range in different prices and sometimes you get what you pay for. There are less expensive brands and more expensive brands. So make sure to do your research prior so that you know what to look at.

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