Hottest Shapewear for New Year’s Eve

The New Year is right around the corner, which means it’s time for people to set their New Year’s resolutions. Why not aim for being in great shape, ultimately losing that extra weight you have always wanted to? Incorporating some nice pairs of shapewear into your diet and exercise routine will help give you the best results. Here are different pieces of shapewear that are the hottest on the market for your New Year’s resolution.

Body Wrap/High-Waist Shaper/Slimming Thigh Shaper:

These three shapewear pieces are ideal if you are looking to smooth out the hips, thighs, or lower abdomen. These will make your body look extra sexy without compromising your figure. These different types of shapewear look great under any dress, shirt, skirt, or casual outfit.

High-Waisted Hiphugger (Co’Coon)

Slim Vest/Corset:

One body area that is often forgotten about is the back. It is quite common to experience bulging or extra fat storage in the back; therefore, it might be good to get some extra support. These two types of shapewear help to visibly reduce fat and instantly slim the back. Corsets and vests can both be worn as an undergarment under any outfit.

Gold Glitters Waist Cincher (TruFigure)

Get Fit Tights/Waist Tights:

A common area that women want to feel confident about is their legs. These types of shapewear can help to give the legs a toned appearance, while also helping to increase calories burned during the day. Shapewear tights can be worn as part of an outfit or under a skirt or dress with style.

Shaping Shorts/Padded Briefs:

If you are looking to enhance your curves and give your hips a great appearance, then these are a few pieces of shapewear that will help achieve that style. These can both be worn under any piece of clothing without being noticed. A pair of shaping shorts is the way to go if you are looking to slim your hips. For a curvier look, padded briefs are the better choice of the two, as they will add some padding to the buttocks area.

If you are shopping for some New Year’s clothing and don’t feel confident with your appearance, look no further. These pieces of shapewear will give you the ideal look that you desire, and will make you feel super confident in the New Year.

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