Fashion and Beauty Are Relative Terms

What seemed attractive in the beginning of the century, today looks ordinary or inappropriate. Time marches on, and standards of female body beauty are changing rapidly.

Standards of beauty can serve the social order, shape notions of morality, and reflect the spiritual values ​​of society. These shaky concepts in our world determine what should excite, delight, and be called “beauty.” It is not surprising, that everything based on the shaky idea of beauty is constantly changing, sometimes to extremes.

Let’s take a look at several of the so-called beauty models of different epochs.

Interesting in all aspects was the epoch of Ancient Egypt. It left to posterity not only a lot of unsolved mysteries, but also cultural heritage, giving a sufficient representation of women, beauty, and its specific “canons”. Almost all ladies depicted on the frescoes are quite slender, with small breasts, long legs, broad shoulders, narrow hips and muscles. A mandatory requirement was a long neck.

The 20th century brought an aesthetic protest to intellectuals of well-fed bourgeois and emancipation. After gaining some weight in previous eras, the model of beauty loses weight again, obtains the angular features of a teenager with narrow hips, small breasts and short hairstyles. And again, after few decades, Sophia Loren and Marilyn Monroe establish new model of beauty with big breasts, small waists, and rounded hips. Corsets were back in fashion to help the ladies create the popular “hourglass” silhouette.

Marilyn Monroe (Image: Pinterest)

The 21st century has only just begun, and it is difficult to determine clear canons of modern beauties. One possible reason is because they do not exist. Still, there is an opinion that the ideals of feminine beauty of the 21st century are Angelina Jolie, one of the founders of Boho-chic Kate Moss, and the famous actresses the Olsen sisters. You can look at a range of modern women, and it will not provoke a terrifying horror such as in the case if modern girls were seen during the Inquisition, or romanticism.

Angelina Jolie. The ideal of feminine beauty? (Image: Pinterest)

One can only say that androgyny and dystrophia are not popular anymore. The modern woman wants to be healthy and natural, of medium build, not too skinny or overweight, well-groomed and neat. For us, the image of a beautiful woman is not only connected with external appearances, but also her character and inner world. Self-confidence, self-sufficiency and self-realization, psychological stability, and charisma are qualities without which the beauty turns into a plastic doll, a woman who does not meet the “standard” parameters in seeking recognition and success. Now, beauty is not only in the size of certain external forms, but in conjunction with their internal content.

And the canons of beauty, like fashion, are quite changeable. Should we fanatically strive to meet them? This is the question everyone should seek to answer for herself.

Still, it can be interesting to see which epoch would consider your body type perfect. If you want to receive a complete description of body types in different times, leave your email above and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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