Fabric Used for Shapewear

One factor that people often do not consider when they are purchasing shapewear is the fabric of the garment. The fabric of shapewear is very important to keep in mind, as it plays a huge part in the quality, comfort, and benefit of the garment. But what fabric is used to create shapewear? This article aims to answer that question.

Shapewear is typically made of a nylon and spandex fabric. While these are two synthetic fabrics that generally don’t let the body breathe, these are great fabrics for shapewear worn in colder climates. When this material is worn in colder climates, it helps the body to retain its heat and stay warm. If worn in the warmer climates, the body will start to sweat more than usual.

Shapewear comes in different variations of nylon and spandex fabric. Companies have designed some pieces of shapewear that are lighter versions of these fabrics that allows for better breathability, perfect for those warmer climates. Alternatively, companies have designed thicker versions of shapewear using these fabrics for heat retention in the winter months. While nylon and spandex are the two most popular fabrics used for shapewear, shapewear is also seen designed using cotton and microfibers. The purpose of these two fabrics is that cotton aids in moisture absorption if the body begins to sweat, and microfiber is beneficial in odor control.

When selecting shapewear, it is a good idea to consider not only the fabric of the shapewear, but also the fabric of your clothes. If you select a shapewear that is a hosiery-type of fabric, this will not go well with cotton outerwear because it may tend to cling to your outfit. If you are wearing a silk dress or a silk skirt, it is important to purchase shapewear that is seamless and of similar material to make sure it is invisible to the people around you.

Fabric is a big factor to keep in mind when going out to purchase your shapewear. You have to consider your clothing type that you wear most often, and also a fabric that you are comfortable wearing. If you do not like a cotton feel on your skin, opt for something more smooth, like nylon or spandex. Being comfortable in your shapewear is just as important as its benefit to you, so be mindful of the fabric next time you go out to purchase some shapewear.

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