How to Choose a Bra to Fit Your Dress?

Being an elegant and refined lady is a real art. From the fingertips and to the hair ends – all should confirm and prove that you are a representative of the fairer sex. One of the mysteries and secret pleasures of being a woman is the fact that it is possible to pamper yourself with luxurious underwear. After all, it is the underwear that serves as a foundation of a beautiful shape.

When choosing clothes, we pay a lot of attention to the selection of the correct color, design and styles. But do we think how much the form of the neckline can change? Not always. And we should.

A properly chosen form of the neckline can literally, in an instant, “delete” extra weight, visually lengthen or shorten your neckline, and give even seductive curves to a smaller chest. In short, the correctly chosen neckline of a dress or blouse can be a quick way to hide figure flaws and highlight advantages.

The right bra can make our figure slimmer and our breasts sexier.

We live in an era of plenty when it comes to clothes – so many beautiful dresses in a variety of styles and decorative techniques. Sometimes it feels like designers create their clothes without thinking whether it will be convenient for wearing, or whether a woman will be able to fit underwear with no problem.

The role of the bra in the creation of an ideal female image is difficult to overestimate. It is the bra that helps to make our figure slimmer and our breasts sexier. The main thing is to fit one correctly under the neckline of the dress. The industry of “intimate” fashion steadily follows the rule of “invisible underwear” and skillfully adapts to the elaborate ideas and original cuts of designers. Modern underwear is able to hide behind fancy cutouts, perfectly emphasizing the chest and literally merging with the body.

For example, take a V-neck dress.  This form of neckline is good for women with Double-Ds, but only if the bra is chosen correctly. It looks best of all on a model: a bold cut-out, which emphasizes the breast shape and makes a hollow in the middle for an especially sexual image. But pay attention to the width of the bra straps, too narrow will dig into the skin, which looks ugly. If nature gave you small breasts, a push-up bra will be a great way out – it lifts the breasts and makes them visually bigger due to its inner pads.

V-neck dress plus plunge bra are the perfect match! (Dress: Pinterest. Plunge bra:

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