Stockings Hide Leg Hair

Can Stockings Hide Leg Hair?

It’s been a hectic past couple of years for many of us. Regular hair removal from our legs via shaving or waxing was the first thing to go during quarantine. Now that so many are back in the office and engaging in social activities once more, we may have agreed to go while not carving out the time to shave.

This has many people asking if stockings hide leg hair.  Not only for the times we forget to shave our legs, but also when it’s so common to miss spots while shaving. We want to look hairless, even when we don’t have the time to make it so we actually are.

So, Can Stockings Hide Leg Hair?

The short answer is: “It’s complicated”. Stockings come in a variety of fabric types, with vastly differing thickness, designs, and patterns. Some stockings hide leg hair very well while others barely tint the leg leaving little to the imagination.

When looking for stockings with the expressed purpose of hiding leg hair you will want to keep this in mind as well as a few other rules.

Skip the Sheer Stockings

Forget about the super-thin, sheer stockings that you find everywhere in the summertime. Yes, they are absolutely wonderful for stopping your legs from rubbing against each other or sticking to surfaces. However, they have a very evident weakness when it comes to concealment – they are sheer.

Not only are errant leg hairs, stretch marks, bruising, and scarring visible through sheer tights, but the hairs can actually poke through the weave. This leaves you with not only hair you can see, but you also lose that silky feel.

Opaque Stockings Hide Leg Hair Best

At last, there is some good news for those of us who live in a part of the world where six months of the year is bitterly cold and dark. The warmer stockings that allow us to wear dresses and skirts during this time of year are the ones that hide leg hair best.

Though opaque stockings are thicker and therefore warmer, it does not mean that those of you in warmer climes will be miserable. Most opaque stockings are still thin enough that you can wear still wear them comfortably unless you are at the height of summer.

Any Recommendations?

Comfort and taste are at the forefront when looking for any article of clothing. This is especially true when it comes to lingerie-like stockings. When looking to hide leg hair the only hard and fast rule is to opt for opaque tights.

However, we do some recommendations where stockings hide leg hair.

Comfortably Concealed

These Stockings hide leg hair while fitting comfortably.

Berkshire Lux without Control Tights

Control Top

Enjoy subtle shimmer with tummy control while the stockings hide leg hair.

Berkshire Shimmers Control Top Tights[

Maternity Tights

Stylish while leaving room for your baby bump. Let your stockings hide leg hair at any stage in your pregnancy.

Berkshire Maternity Opaque Pantyhose

Fun Colors

Ditch the boring neutrals and express yourself with colors as fun as you are.

Pretty Polly Premium 60D Opaque Tights

Over the Knee

Skip the bathroom hassle with over-the-knee styles that only cover your legs.

MeMoi Herring Bone Tights

Rejoice! Stockings Hide Leg Hair

Choose a style and color of opaque stockings and know that your leg hair is well hidden.

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