Can Leggings be Business Casual

Can Leggings be Business Casual?

Leggings are incredibly comfortable and stylish. It’s no wonder that so many have switched to wearing leggings during the pandemic when most of us were working from home. Now that we’re back in the office many of us find ourselves asking: “can leggings be business casual?”

Well, it depends

What’s appropriate to wear in the workplace is different from place to place. What you’re allowed to wear in a call center is different than what you’d be allowed to wear in a café. When buying work clothes, it’s always best to review your specific workplace’s dress code to avoid any mishaps.

Yes, Leggings Can be Business Casual

Again, this depends on your place of work and their dress code, but in general, leggings are completely appropriate if followed certain rules.

You want to make sure that your outfit is perceived as professional, meaning you are going to want to have a clean, and put-together appearance. By dressing up and selecting the correct leggings, you’ll be free to wear them at work, so long as they are allowed.

Rules for Leggings in the Workplace:

  • Avoid sheer or exercise leggings
  • Wear beneath a tunic top or dress, especially if your leggings are made from a thinner material
  • Avoid bold patterns
  • Opt for neutral colors, greys and blacks for a toned-down look
  • Pair with more “dressy” shoes to dress up the leggings
  • Accessorize and use makeup subtly to add to the professional look

By following these rules you can assure that leggings can be business casual.

Recommendations for Business Casual Leggings?

Classic Shapewearcarries a wide assortment of leggings that are more than appropriate for work. Choose from the cropped, full-leg, high-waist, or natural waist leggings from an assortment of colors that express your personal flair while being right for your job.

Best Leggings for Cold Weather: TruFigure Seamless Fleece Leggings

Now that we’re back to the office, we must contend with a commute. Wear comfy and warm leggings with your favorite work dress or a tunic dress with these stylish leggings.

Enjoy super soft and warm leggings that cover the full leg and a wide waistband. A staple for anyone in the northern hemisphere, look cute and professional without sacrificing comfort.

TruFigure Solid Fleece Leggings

Colors: Black

Price: $7.95 Reg, $3.50 on sale.

Best Eco-Friendly Leggings: Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Seamless Leggings

Many of us want clothing that’s not just office-friendly, but environmentally friendly as well. Luckily Pretty Polly released their “Eco-Wear” line with biodegradable fabric that’ll decompose in three years rather than add to landfills with harsh fabrics like rayon.

Pretty Polly Eco-Wear Seamless Leggings

Not only are these a stylish, eco-conscious choice for the office, but they also are made of a super soft yarn that feels like wearing a cloud.

Colors: Black

Price: $30.00

Best Cropped Leggings: Skinny Tees Capris Leggings

Leggings are best known for their warm and comfy feel, but they can be worn with tunics and dresses in the summer as well. With capris length leggings and a professional barefoot shoe like Mary Janes, you’ll look and feel amazing.

Skinny Tees Capris

Enjoy super soft leggings in the summer in a variety of colors with Skinny Tees’ Capris Leggings.

Colors: White, Black, Ivory, Dark Brown, Fuchsia, Egg Plant, Turquoise, Navy, and Charcoal

Price: $30.00

Thankfully, Leggings can be Business Casual

Now that you know that leggings are a great option for the workplace go forth and dress your best with these leggings and more.

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