Best Shapewear to Flatten your Stomach

Best Shapewear to Flatten your Stomach

It’s happened to all of us. You are getting ready for a night out or a very important event, you put on your best outfit, and your stomach stubbornly sticks out. Using shapewear is a quick and easy way to achieve the look you want. Though you may wonder, which is the best shapewear to flatten your stomach?

It Depends on a Number of Factors

When choosing shapewear, there are a number of factors you want to consider, including your outfit, areas you wish to control, your activity levels while in it, and even the weather.

By considering each of these factors, you can ensure that you discretely and comfortably flatten your stomach with shapewear.

Flatten Your Stomach

Flatten Your Stomach Even When it’s Hot

At the time of writing, we are experiencing a global heatwave with dangerously high temperatures, which is probably important to discuss how to choose shapewear during a heatwave.

Of course, regardless of the weather, you want to keep your shapewear on for no longer than eight hours and plan your day or evening accordingly. This will allow you to achieve your desired look without sacrificing your health and safety.

During the heat, you can still wear shapewear. It’s best to opt for breathable waist clinchers. This allows you to avoid layering shapewear over your bra and underwear, and your core will be less prone to overheating.

The best shapewear for this is the Farmacell Shaper Belt, made with an ultra-breathable fabric that controls your lower abdomen and hips.

Colors: Black, Nude, White

Sizes: S-5X

Price $37.00 Sale/ $51.00 reg.

Best Shapewear for Shirt and Skirt Outfits

When wearing a two-piece outfit, you want to ensure that your shapewear isn’t exposed during movement. This, however, is an easy thing to do with high-waisted skirts and shirts tucked in, with most options being discrete.

However, the best options are shaping leggings, shorts, and briefs, depending on the length of the skirt. The Euroskins midthigh boxer shaper is perfect for smoothing the hips and legs while tucking in the tummy at a mid-waist level.

Sizes: S-3X

Colors: Black and Nude

Price: $22.00 Sale/ $45.00

Best Shapewear to Flatten your Stomach with Pants

A two-piece outfit with pants has the same issues as one with skirts and the added challenge of not having leg pieces visible. This is why shapewear briefs are the best option for shorts and pants.

Noir by Euroskins Mid-Waist Panty Shaper is a perfect option here, as it is mid-waist underwear, so it will not be visible no matter how you move.

Sizes: S-3X

Colors: Nude, Black

Price: $20.00 Sale/ $40.00 reg.

So Many Options for Shapewear with Dresses

Shapewear for dresses is very easy to pick as, depending on length, nearly your whole body is covered regardless of your motion. This means you can flatten your stomach up to your bust line and shape your hips and thighs without anyone knowing.

The best article is one that does all of these, such as the TC Fine Intimates Just Enough Hi-Waist Thigh Slimmer. In this piece, you keep your stomach flat and your curves tame.

Sizes: 1X-4X

Colors: Black, Nude

Price: $56.00

Don’t Let Your Curves Kill your Confidence

While enjoying your summer, dress your best with shapewear to flatten your stomach. These items will give you the confidence you need to eschew the self-consciousness common to social events on hot nights.  

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