The Best Shapewear for Every Outfit

Shapewear can do wonders for the body, and is an excellent addition to any exercise and dieting plan. Shapewear can make you look up to 10 pounds thinner. But that is only done if you pick the right shapewear piece to go with the right outfit. Here we will discuss some different pieces of shapewear that can be paired with different outfit styles.

Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans can look fabulous paired with a nice top. The problem is that skinny jeans are very tight and can emphasize every little unwanted bump and lump. Skinny jeans also remain tight around the waist area, which can cause for a stomach fat spillover. Someone’s worst nightmare! A high-waisted thong, spanx, or even a corset will leave you feeling fabulous in your pair of skinny jeans.

Dress: Get your hands on a shapewear bra with removable straps or a pair of booty shorts to go under your dress. The shapewear bra will help to support your bust and your back, making your upper body look fabulous. The booty shorts are for you lower half, to smooth out those extra lumps or unwanted curves.

Shirt: Shapewear can also be worn under many different types of shirts. Buy yourself a bodysuit, a strappy tank, or a camisole to go under your outfit. These will all help to slim the body, also aiding in posture and good blood flow. Some shapewear pieces can actually be worn alone as a shirt, rather than underneath your outfit.

Skirt: A pair of waist control tights or spanx goes well under any type of skirt, because they will help to give the body a firm look and feel. There are many different types and colors of shapewear that pair well under different styles of skirts. For instance, a pair of tight spanx is perfect to wear under a pencil skirt; if you are wearing a light color skirt, you may want to consider a light color of shapewear, such as beige, so that it cannot be seen.

Shapewear create large benefits with any outfit, but only if you choose the right type. You don’t want to choose anything that is going to show under the outfit; it will defeat the purpose completely. Make sure next time you are picking out shapewear to keep your outfits in mind. It will make a difference.

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