3 Interesting Facts about Push Up Bras

Every woman should own a push-up bra and experience all of their great benefits. The push-up bra has become very popular in most lingerie stores and has one of the highest sale rates of all the bra types on the shelves. Usually when someone hears the phrase  “push up bra,” they automatically think of cleavage. But really, there are a lot more to push up bras than just cleavage. Push up bras also help to increase your carriage, confidence, and body language. Below are 3 interesting facts about push up bras:

Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra

1. They don’t work the same for everyone

Push-up bras do not work the same for every woman. For smaller women with small chests, this type of bra will give the look of a bigger cup size of one or two sizes. For larger chested women that think that a push-up style bra will make them look bigger is not entirely true. This is because the larger the cup size the more lift and support you receive.

2. The first push-up bra was introduced in the 1800’s

It is often thought of the push up bra to be one of the newer styles on the shelves. However, the push-up style bra was introduced back in the 1800’s. Found in a Science Museum in London, a padded brassiere is believed to be the first ever breast cleavage enhancer. This padded brassiere can be compared with its similarity to the wonder bra or push-up bra sold today. It was used solely for a more defined cleavage for smaller women.

A push up bra that was made around 1880

3. Push-up bras are not only for defined cleavage

Utilizing push-up bras solely for an enhanced, more defined cleavage, is a large misconception for many women. Many push-up bras are actually created to enhance support and help to lift up the breasts. They have an underwire that helps to support the breasts for ultimate comfort. They are also designed to help women feel secure and comfortable wearing this bra. There are some push-ups that are designed entirely to create a defined cleavage, but not all are like this. For example, a balcony push-up style bra will help to give you a great lift, without the defined cleavage.

These are 3 interesting facts that many women are not aware of. Hopefully these points can be taken into account next time you walk into a lingerie store in search for a new bra.


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