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Enjoy a Day at the Beach Again

For many women, going to the beach is more than intimidating; it’s a living nightmare. Visions of how one may look when compared to the perfectly-shaped bathing beauties certain to be at the beach is enough to scare any woman away from a day of fun in the surf and sand. Well, we here at Classic Shapewear are here to help you dispel any fears that you may have of strutting your stuff at the beach. We offer many different kinds of control swimwear to help you conceal those areas you’re not too proud of while also calling attention to your many good features. It’s our belief that every woman can look great in the right style of suit. It’s our job to help you find yours.

Swimwear for Certain Body Types

Our many years of experience in selling control swimwear have taught us one thing: you have to shop by body type. It’s important to realize that when it comes to your swimwear, you provide the style. Listed below are a few of the more common body styles we see with our clients and the suits that we recommend they wear to accentuate them:

  • Large hips, small waist: If you feel as though your hips are disproportionate to your wait, choose a suit that calls attention to you slim waistline. A one-piece with bright colors will often do the trick.
  • Apple-shaped: Those women with large chests, shoulders, and stomachs want something that accentuates their lower body and legs. If this describes your body style, consider a swimdress. 
  • Pear-shaped: If, on the other, you consider your problem areas to be down below your waist, a tankini might be the perfect suit for you.
  • Large bust: If you have a large bust, you want to accentuate it without attracting too much attention. Look for halter or underwire tops with thick straps.
Let Us Help You

Don’t let concerns about how you’ll look in your swimwear keep you from enjoying a day at the beach with your family and friends. With the help of our team here at Classic Shapewear, you can find a suit guaranteed to not only make you feel comfortable, but also to turn more than a few heads. For tips on choosing the right kind of control swimwear for your body style, simply call us one of our sales representatives today.