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OverBra is an ingenious shapewear product designed to complement a woman’s existing bras while complimenting her figure!  OverBra works with your own bra to enhance support, lift and shape.

With innovation, quality, and its super-comfortable shape-enhancing collection, OverBra shapewear has earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and long-standing shapewear suppliers.  This creative body shaper solution naturally enhances your cleavage for a noticeable difference in your shape and a nice boost to your confidence.

OverBra offers a selection of styles to fit any bodyshaping need, including the OverBra Original, the OverBra Longline Vest and the bodyshaping OverBra Slip.  Each product incorporates the same principle to convert your regular bra into a pushup bra, comfortably.  The entire OverBra line is made with the finest fabrics, careful design and exceptional quality at an affordable price. 

The Original OverBra was such a success, the company created additional shapewear options including the OverBra Longline Vest and the OverBra Slip.  The OverBra Longline Vest does it all - it flattens your tummy, smoothes bulges created by your regular bra, eliminates “ride up” and creates extra lift and cleavage.  The comfortable BreezyMesh fabric gives the OverBra Longline Vest unique breathability.

As with the Original OverBra, the Slip OverBra is worn over your regular bra to enhance cleavage.  It flattens your tummy area, controls midriff, smoothes bulges at the back and under the arms.  The bonded elastic hem eliminates ride-up.  The Slip OverBra also incorporates the exclusive BreezyMesh for back panels that breathe and stretch.

From the Original OverBra to the OverBra Slip to the OverBra Longline Vest, OverBra shapewear offers an ingenious complement to your wardrobe by making any bra a pushup bra.