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The company behind “Knock Out Panties” takes an incredibly practical and honest approach to women’s underwear by offering “Something Extra”.  When it comes to underwear let’s be honest.  What concerns women the most?  Moisture and odor.  KnockOut Panties took those concerns head-on and developed a fantastic line of women’s under garments, from briefs to thongs.

Knock Out Panties was founded by a woman who knows what women need.  Founder Angela Newnam grew frustrated with inadequate liners on panties that just didn’t cut it for sweat, drips and little leaks that women know can sneak up at inopportune times.  With that clear challenge in mind, Newnam set out to create a practical line of women’s underwear with a more effective cotton liner, known as “Something Extra”.  As she says, “My mission was clear - to create a fabulous panty with high tech functionality.”  Fortunately, Newnam “knocked it out of the park!”

The key is the Knock Out underwear liner - thin, comfortable but incredibly effective.  Appropriately named “No Trace”, the Knock Out liner offers quick dry action and patented odor-absorbing molecules.  It’s a thin, breathable, dye-free liner all in one layer!  The No Trace liner wicks and absorbs moisture and fights off odor, leaving you comfortable and protecting both your clothing and your confidence!

Classic Shapewear proudly offers an excellent selection of Knock Out Panties, all feature “Something Extra”, including the KnockOut Panties Brief, the classic bikini brief, the Lacy Bikini, the Knock Out Panties Thong, the Classic Sport Thong, and the Combo Thong.  Each product features the patented Something Extra - the No-Trace quick-dry, odor-absorbing, comfort liner.