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Shopping for Shapewear - The Problems, The Solutions and Everything in Between.

Shapewear is an undergarment designed to enhance the shape of your body, making it look slimmer and smoother. Being worn as an undergarment, shapewear should ideally be invisible under clothes and provide your body with comfort and support. People use various terms when referring to shapewear - the most common names we've come across are girdle, body shaper, body shapewear, shape wear or simply shaper. Since the early 1800's shapewear was used almost exclusively to transform the female body, giving it a slim hourglass figure. Nowadays, shapewear and girdles are made to serve different purposes, both in the area they cover and functionality.

Though shapewear is made in various compression levels such as light, medium or firm control, when we look at the different types of body shapers we can identify several primary groups:

  • Waist Cincher - Also known by its Spanish name Faja which translate to "Waist Belt", waist cinchers aim to narrow the waistline and shape the mid-section. Other commonly used terms are waist shapewear, waist trimmer and waist nipper. In Spanish, they are referred to as fajas Colombianas, fajas modeladoras and fajas cinturas.
  • Full Body Shapewear - When you need full body coverage, a full bodysuit is the way to go. This type of shaper provides support from head to toe, sometimes including the arms.
  • Strapless Shapewear - This type of shapewear was originally created for special events such as weddings and cocktail parties, and later was made popular in everyday apparel. Strapless corsets and strapless bustiers as well as the backless strapless bra are top selling products and are constantly on high demand.
  • High-Waist Shapers - Designed to end above the waist, giving you support around the waist, hips and tummy. Since hi-waist shapewear mostly comes in the form of shorts or pants, it often helps lift your butt as well as shape the thighs.
  • Butt Enhancer - Who doesn't want to have a firmer-looking butt? Butt lifters are designed to do just as their name implies - raise your bum. Padded panties, an inseparable part of this category are silicone padded underwear that's pre-shaped to resemble a realistic round bottom.
  • Men's Shapewear - So far we've mentioned only women's shapewear, however surprisingly or not, shapewear for men is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. The most popular form of men's girdles, are men's waist cincher and vests and they are most suitable for an active lifestyle, back problems or simply for everyday use.
  • Fashion Corsets - Not only for parties, fashion corsets can be worn as an outfit for a quiet evening or night out, giving you a sensual and slender look. Often made of satin or latex, corsets come in many patterns, colors and styles, offering a dramatic show of cleavage.
What are some of the purposes of shapewear?
  • Aesthetics - We all want to look our best. When shapewear is done right, what's unseen can transform what's seen - your shape, your confidence, your sense of your own elegance and sensuality.
  • Post Surgical Recovery - Proper recovery is essential when undergoing plastic surgery such as tummy tuck and liposuction. A post-surgical girdle will give you the support your body needs ensuring a smoother recovery and optimal results.
  • Postpartum Recovery - When you want to return to your pre-pregnancy shape, a postpartum belt is the best solution. Postpartum girdles in their various forms help support your abs, get rid of excess fluids, and promote healthy recovery. Whether it's C-Section or traditional birth, postpartum shapewear will bring your pre-baby figure back.
  • Posture Correction - Designed to relieve back pain by improving your posture. With this type of shapewear you will feel good about the way you sit and stand, and will be able to perform daily tasks more easily.
  • Cellulite Reduction - While there is no good way to get rid of cellulite, anti-cellulite shorts and anti-cellulite pants provide temporary relief to cellulite, making your butt, thighs and legs smooth and tone. Some of the known anti-cellulite solutions include caffeine, an active ingredient which is added to the garment in the form of microcapsules, as well as wave-knit fabrics that gently massage your skin, both meant to break fat cells.
  • Maternity Support - Provides pregnant women with back and abdominal support especially during third trimester. Maternity shapewear also includes nursing tanks and nursing bras which incorporate a shaping feature.
  • Bridal - This is the shapewear for perhaps the most important day of your life. Even the fanciest wedding dress is never complete without the right bridal shapewear. As such, you may want to choose the most suitable bridal shaper - a strapless bustier, bridal corset, backless body shaper, or any other type of strapless shapewear.

Classic Shapewear invites you to enjoy an unmatched shopping experience - indulge with our endless selection of bodyshapers, educate yourself on the different brands we carry, read shapewear reviews, and choose the undergarment that best suits your needs and your pocket. Our dedicated customer service team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.